Let’s All Be Greeter Leaders!

Let’s all try out being a Greeter Leader!

Being a Greeter Leader allows a student to introduce themselves to a classroom visitor – and proceed to tell the visitor what they are learning while also helping the visitor feel welcome in the classroom.

To get some practice in, Ms. Adrienne’s second grade students each took turns acting out the role of Greeter Leader. When Ms. Adrienne’s husband, Mr. Joshua joined the class for a recent afternoon recess and listening groups, the Coyotes each got to greet their guest.

Mr. Joshua was  impressed by how confidently and enthusiastically the Coyotes spoke about their learning.

Being a Greeter Leader is a skill that will help our students be successful for the rest of their lives.

Ms. Adrienne and her class say…

A Greeter Leader:
1) Spots the visitor and approaches them so that class is not disrupted by the visit.
2) Introduces themselves and shakes the visitor’s hand.
3) Asks for the purpose of the visit “How can we help you?”
4) Directs the visitor to a quiet spot for observation, the area of the classroom in question and assists the visitor with task, or reports the visitor’s message to the teacher at a time when and in a way where it is not disruptive.