Learning About – and Thanking – Our Country’s Veterans

Students around campus learned about our country’s veterans this month in honor of Veteran’s Day.

Ms. Culbertson’s and Ms. Sammy’s kindergarten classes, along with Ms. Getz’s and Ms. Rianna’s third grade classes, joined together for a special visit with one of our country’s Veterans. He shared with the students what a Veteran is and also answered questions.

After the visit, the students made Veteran’s Day cards – thanking military heroes for serving our country. The next day, many local Veterans received the cards.

Ms. Sammy says that the Veterans who received the cards were touched, and they sent a thank you posted to the students. The poster is displayed in Ms. Culbertson’s classroom.

Thank you, students, for taking the time to learn about our country’s Veterans and honor them with thank you notes! We are proud of you.