Leadership Skills Demonstrated through Second Grade Coyotes

“Coyote News” – Math Strategies
Ms. Adrienne’s second grade Coyotes are making submissions for their first-ever issue of “Coyote News”. The students got the idea to start their own newsletter after reading a book called Coyote School News about a one-room school in Tucson during the 1930s. In the story – even though the Coyote School students had very little money and the school had very little amenities – the students were proud of what they were accomplishing and used a newsletter system to communicate what was happening in the classroom with their families and the neighboring community.
Following the book’s example, Ms. Adrienne’s students brainstormed many ideas for “Coyote News”, including articles about their class and clubs, polls about what they like to do outside of class, and illustrations for the articles.
A few students chose to write about different strategies that are used during math lessons which help solve 3-digit addition and subtraction problems. Student Isaiah independently produced a “math strategies” article (shown below) for “Coyote News”. Students kept up their enthusiasm in math as they worked in partners, sharing strategies and enjoying the process.
Flying High with our Reading Buddies
The Coyotes met up with their Reading Buddies – Ms. Amber’s prekindergarten students – to fly kits as part of a weather unit. (Both classes are studying weather right now!) The Coyotes helped Ms. Amber’s Elephants build kites and problem solve so that their kite could fill with air and fly high. Some students poked holes in their kites, while others bundled and knotted them. Students commented on the shapes their kites took as they flew through the air (such as a cylinder or cube). Some students even chose to attach their kites to their bodies so they could run freely as their kites trailed along. Ms. Adrienne says it was a fun, team-building experience for all.
I Wanna Iguana
As part of their persuasive writing lesson, the Coyotes recently watched a storytelling of the book I Wanna Iguana. In the story, a boy named Alex is using persuasive language to convince his parents why he should be allowed to have an iguana as a pet.
To view the storytelling of I Wanna Iguana that the students viewed, click on the link below:
Next, students were challenged to identify reasons the character used which supported his argument. Students also added some of his persuasive language to the classroom’s “Persuasive Word Bank” (such as “Another reason…” and “deserve”).
After writing a paragraph in class about the book, students then brainstormed ideas about a pet or toy they would want, followed by reasons they could think of which might convince their parents to allow them to have it. Topics included a tree gecko, kitten, cynognathus (you can find more information about this extinct creature at http://dinosaurs.about.com/od/carnivorousdinosaurs/p/cynognathus.htm),  bearded dragon, puppy, a robot dog, drone and a phone. Quite creative, students!
Second Grade Science Fair
Making the news for all of our second grade classes…Science Fair projects have begun! Every second grade student has been assigned a group project for which they will carry out the steps of the Scientific Inquiry Process, test five variables, and then create a Science Fair board in order to communicate their process. Students have been practicing this process all school year and are excited to participate in the “real” Science Fair that they’ve heard so much about! There is judging involved in the Science Fair, and some projects might even be selected to go to the city-wide SARSEF Science Fair.