STUDENT FEATURE: Leadership Class Rises to New Level at TCDS

The following is an incredible article written by the Leadership elective class. Art teacher Mrs. Phelps is the teacher for the class.  

Leadership: Going Above and Beyond  

                   Written by: Taryn, Kaiya, James, Rashad, Braeden, Andrew, Kyle, Alysa, Regin and Kalais (the Leadership elective class)

Leadership. What does that mean to you? Some people think of being kind and following the seven habits when they hear leadership, but if you really want to know what it means, just ask the small group of selected students that participate in our new leadership program founded by the wonderful Mrs. Phelps.

Not a lot of people know what those students really do for the time they spend in this class, but they sure do make a major difference. This article will take you into the daily life of our leadership program students and show you exactly what leadership is all about.

Before I say anything about the class, I have to tell you about the process just to get in. On your first day of the class, you must fill out an application, answer a few questions and play a few “getting to know you” games with Mrs. Phelps. Once she carefully reads over your application and examines you and your reason to be in the class, she chooses who stays and who goes. By the second week, we have our finalized class of the students who deserve to be there and begin our training. The next few weeks are all preparation and training required for working with little kids. This class is a semester long class but is preferred if you take it all year. Leadership at TCDS is nothing like you’ve seen before.

This class is nothing like normal aiding. In regular TCDS aiding, only eighth graders can aide, and they can only aide for middle school teachers. In contrast, in Leadership we  are a group of 7th and 8th graders who aide for K-5.

Leadership is a class of learning appreciation. As we aide, we learn important traits like “Sharpen the Saw” as we improve our aiding and mentoring skills. We learn respect, patience and quick thinking.

Mrs. Phelps had a great idea to have us write down what we did daily in her class so if you still are unsure about this class, just take it from the students there.

Regina says, “Today there was a guest teacher so I kinda took lead. I helped the kids with math and bellwork.”

Kyle writes, “ I went to Miss Young’s class and helped with science experiments. I taught them some 8th grade math. Later, I cleaned up poop and threw crickets over the fence.”

Two students in the same class, doing completely different things, leaving equally great impacts on the spongy minds of these young students.

Another student named Kaiya says, “ When I arrived, I helped the teacher set up his classroom while his students were in specials. Then, Mr. David and I talked about the day’s plans. After that, we got the students from specials and they had snack. Finally, we did some math and shortly after that, class was over.”

Not only do these students teach but they also learn and have a lot of fun doing it. 

Rashad claims that, “I helped the kids make a web for their story and learned a few things from them in the process. It was very fun.”

Where Alysa says, “I helped anyone who needed help. It was so much fun!!!”

Growth, wisdom, and patience are just a few things we have gained from this class, and with the help of Mrs. Phelps, this class will continue to strive and grow, making TCDS the best it can be.