Leaders of the Week…7 Habits Work…We’re All on Green!

We sure stay busy during our school day!

Here’s a look at what was going on last week in a few of our classrooms. 

In Ms. Maddock’s fifth grade class, there are Leaders of the Week. These leaders get to invite a guest to read a book – the leader’s childhood favorite – to the class. Leaders of the Week are selected based on students demonstrating the 7 Habits.



Mrs. Fiore’s first grade students drew pictures of how they can be helpful in our school community as well as worked on which of the 7 Habits that their drawings connect with.






Mrs. Hubble wanted to show appreciation for her third grade students – her entire class finished the day last Thursday on green! Way to go, Mrs. Hubble’s Heroes!



Second grade students worked on collecting data. They counted seeds found inside different fruits and veggies and made observations about the similarities and differences.



Prekindergarten students were treated to some older students acting as “helpers”. The older students helped the younger kids be and stay safe while playing on the playground in the morning. 
Thank you to the older kids for spending time with the young students!