We’re Busy This Last Week of School – Monday’s Adventures!

Can you believe it is the last week of school already?

We’ve challenged everyone on staff to send in at least one picture per day showing something that’s going on as we wrap up our last week of school.

Here are the pictures that came in today…

Monday morning started off just like any other day.

Our 4th through 8th grade students gathered on the field in the morning and then headed to Flag…

Monday Early bell time for school to start   Monday Heading up to flag

…while the white shirts waited patiently for the older students to clear off the field so they could run and play!

Monday Waiting for the field

Our Middle School students lined up for Flag, while their backpacks sat peacefully outside of classrooms waiting for their students to return.

Monday MS Flag   Monday backpacks waiting for the day to begin

Ms. Elsa played Jeopardy with Mr. V’s class during their last Spanish class of the year.


Good friends Adam and Austin gave each other a hug in Ms. Shannon’s class.


Staff in the Resource Department celebrated their team’s summer birthdays and held their last team potluck of the school year.


IMG952055 IMG952056

Art teacher Mrs. Phelps showed off some amazing artwork.




3074  3080   3077

Fourth grade is having fun! Here are pictures from students in Ms. Jacque’s and Mr. Jason’s class when they had an egg drop!



A huge congratulations to our school’s Male Student Athlete of the Year Sebastien! Sebastien is in eighth grade and will soon graduate from TCDS. In the following picture is his sister Summer, a TCDS alumna who will graduate from University High School this week.


It’s always interesting – and entertaining – to see students’ perspectives on all things – including our teachers and staff.

In the pictures below, Ms. Rianna’s second grade class invited Mrs. Rodriguez’s second grade students to their classroom to play a unique game of Charades. The game consisted of many words to act out that relate to our school – including our teachers!

Ms. Rianna said, “It was fun to see how the students would act out each word.”

In the picture below, some students are showing what their word is (in picture-form here).


Mr. Hall let the first grade class play Mr. and Mrs. Snow White – one of their favorite games in P.E.


In preschool and prekindergarten, students were active as they play outside.

3159 3153










These preschool and prekindergarten students collaborated on the playground to build some great things.


Ms. Wanda’s prekindergarten Tortugas took time to play with their friends.


Sixth grade signed up for presentations and are ready to present their country projects.


Kindergarten student Emily Jo posed with Mrs. Bell, one of our music teachers.

“Emily Jo’s favorite thing about TCDS is singing in music class because she loves to sing with Mrs. Bell,” said Emily Jo’s teacher Ms. Wendy.


Way to think ahead! Mrs. Fiore’s first grade students had fun as they wrote – and presented – what they hope to be doing in 20 years.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-3

One of our music teachers, Mrs. Bell, showed students, including these second grade children from Ms. Pena’s class, how to play “human tic-tac-toe”. Mrs. Bell said these students are “amazingly talented musicians!”






It is a very busy time of year in the school library. Below, Ezekiel and Simone help librarian Ms. Chris check in books. Ms. Chris says, “It’s the end of the year rush to return library books.”


Ms. Chris also shared an adorable drawing that kindergartener Holly drew for her.


Ms. Skye’s class enjoyed their last library time as kindergartners.


Ms. Stacey’s third grade students worked on timelines and wrote about their school year.

3 4 5

Resource teacher Mrs. Culbertson worked on writing report cards.


Mrs. McKeown stayed very busy adding all of these great pictures to our school website’s Newsworthy Notes section.


Wow – there is a lot of activity on our campus! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s pictures highlighting many of the great things happening during our last week of school this year at TCDS!

What will Tuesday bring?