Kibera Pen Pal Excitement Culminates in Picture-Frame Making Project

Our school’s  Child to Child Project: Sharing Kindness With Kibera – in which many of our students were pen pals with students in Kibera – culminated with a fun picture-frame making project.

We received pictures of the kids in Kibera who we have been pen pals with. Back in August when we learned about this project, we found out that most of the kids in Kibera have not seen themselves before – in pictures, mirrors or anything to see what they look like. That’s when we decided what a neat idea it would be to find a way for the kids to see themselves and  have a nice keepsake to hold onto.

Many students spent a couple of days working on very creative picture frames. They put the childrens’ pictures in the frames, and they also have each child’s name on the frame. What a great gift – both for the kids in Kibera and for our students who are learning so much about a different way of life, as well as about gratitude.

This has been a wonderful project for our community. Our students have learned so much, from learning about another culture to being grateful for what they have. One of those special things they have – an opportunity to receive an education that comes with school supplies and teachers ready to teach, where in Kibera school supplies are much harder for each student to get.


Amazing picture frame art work by students in kindergarten through eighth grade


Mrs. Valenzuela got to make a picture frame too.


Viona is hard at work making her frame special.


Hunter makes a very creative picture frame.


Isabella, Hunter and Viona are proud of the picture frames they made and excited to get them to the students in Kibera.