Irish Dance Skills Land Seventh Grade Student in World Competition

Talk about a talent in Irish dancing!

Seventh grade student Eric recently competed not only at the regional level for Irish dance, but also in the world competition – and he sure did a wonderful job!

On April 25, Eric competed in the World Irish Dance Competition in Montreal, Canada. At this competition, each of the 51 dancers in Eric’s 12-13 year age category danced two dances – a hard-shoe dance and a soft-shoe dance. 26 dancers, just over half of the boys competing,  get recalled to dance a third dance called a set dance. Eric got recalled to dance the third dance. The judges totaled the scores from the three dances. Eric placed 17th in the world competition. Wow! Also in the world competition, out of all the boys dancing from the United States, Eric placed fourth! That is incredible!

Eric will continue competing in Irish dance soon when he heads to the national competition in Rhode Island this summer.

We are very proud of you, Eric, for all of your hard work and dedication to Irish dancing. We can tell you are a very talented Irish dancer. Congratulations!




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Before going to the worlds, Eric was featured in the Arizona Daily Star as he practiced for the world competition. The link to the article is below.