Internet Safety Lesson Helps Students Understand Some Dangers Lurking on the World Wide Web

Fourth and fifth grade students enjoyed a special presentation Monday about Internet safety and the unsuspected dangers lurking on the world wide web. Victoria Baugh from Attorney General Tom Horne’s office spoke to the students about cyber predation and cyber bullying. 

Ms. Baugh talked to the students about the many sites – social networking sites such as Facebook, online video games, YouTube, Twitter and more – that children spend time using. Unless privacy settings are used, Ms. Baugh said these venues are easy places for cyber predators to get people’s personal information.

An eye-opening statement Ms. Baugh relayed to the students regarded the term, “WWW”, meaning the world wide web. While we may think what we post on a specific website is safe, Ms. Baugh told students that as soon as the “www” is placed before an Internet address, this allows the entire world wide web to view what is placed on a given website address – unless privacy settings are used.

Ms. Baugh also discussed cyber bullying and the terrible effects it can have on those who are being bullied.

The presentation was part of a program from the Attorney General’s office that seeks to educate all school-age children in Arizona on Internet safety.  Our school guidance counselor Mrs. St. Amand set up the presentation. Next semester, Mrs. St. Amand hopes to have a similar presentation on Internet safety for middle school students.

We hope this Internet safety lesson helps our students be more aware of what they say or post online.

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Many students raised their hands in response to questions regarding use of different Internet websites.

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Students learned pieces of personal information that are and are not good choices to put on a website profile.

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Students listened with great attention as Ms. Baugh discussed Internet safety.