In the Classroom: “Leader in Me”

A representative from Franklin Covey Education – Leader In Me – visited Tucson Country Day School last week.

One of the stops that was made was in Ms. Adrienne’s second grade classroom. Mrs. Kappler, the school’s Chief Operations Officer, visited the classroom with the representative.

They explored the classroom – searching for Leader In Me language and initiatives.

Ms. Adrienne says that Mrs. Kappler and the representative were very impressed when they discovered Habit Jars, WIGs (Wildly Important Goals), a Dr. Stephen Covey poster, TCDS mission statement, list of Leader Jobs, Synergy Board, Class Commitment and more in the classroom.

The pair reported back to our school’s Lighthouse Team that the 7 Habits is very visible in the classroom and, after interviewing students, that it is obvious the principles of the doctrine have been internalized by these students.

After the visit, a suggestion came for the class to create a class mission statement. The Coyotes ran with the idea and created a list of the 7 Habits, a class mission, and even wrote down examples of how they follow the 7 Habits!

Mrs. Kappler was so impressed! She came to the classroom to congratulate Ms. Adrienne and her students – and she awarded the class with their very own “7 Habits Dress Down Day”!

Way to go, Ms. Adrienne and the Coyotes!