“I’m Thankful For You…”

Fifth grade students celebrated Thanksgiving at school –  by giving thanks to one another!

All fifth grade students drew a name of another fifth grade student out of a hat in their homeroom classes. The name-drawing made for a random selection process.

At the end of the school day, the kids went home and shared with their families about the person randomly selected. Together, the students and their families brainstormed nice things to say about the specific peer.

Next, each student completed a “thankful form” stating why they appreciate the randomly-selected fellow student.

Students gave their thankful forms to fellow students.

Mrs. Maddock asked students to do this lesson as a way to find the good in every individual by giving a compliment to someone in fifth grade that any given student may not usually play with or hang out with.

What a great way to spread random kindness!




Some students also had some time to make another thankful note – this time in the shape of their hand – and give thanks for math!