Honoring Our Veterans

In recognition of Veteran’s Day, local Veterans and current military personnel took to the stage as they were honored during morning flag ceremonies at Tucson Country Day School on November 9.

Ten servicemen and women – five Veterans and five currently serving – were honored by our more than 800 preschool through eighth grade students, as well as our teachers and staff. The past and present servicemen and women are from both within our TCDS community as well as from throughout the Tucson community.

A panel of students interviewed our honored military guests on stage, asking questions such as the military branch they serve in; how long they have been/were active in the military; the longest they have been stationed away from their families; and what they would like people to remember or think about on Veteran’s Day.

In addition to the interviews, Boy Scouts from TCDS brought out the American flag and gave our military guests special notes of appreciation; our Choir sang the National Anthem while middle school students in Sign Language class signed the anthem; and the Sign Language class also signed the Pledge of Allegiance while all students recited it.


Our students in the “audience” took time at the end of the ceremony to wave a variety of handmade and store-bought American flags in honor of our Veterans. A group of prekindergarten students collaborated to hold up a hand-made banner that said, “Thank you, Veterans!”

Thank you to all servicemen and women who are currently serving and have served in the past. Thank you to our students for honoring our guests during our flag ceremonies.

To see videos that we took from the Veteran’s Day Ceremony, check out our school’s Facebook page at: