Help Our School While Enjoying Some Delicious Coffee

If you’ve been reading our weekly parent email updates, you know that we’ve been talking about selling coffee on Amazon.

Yes, coffee!

We’ve been looking into a variety of ways to generate additional dollars that we can use to enhance our technology. When we were given the opportunity to team with a local Internet marketer who was willing to teach us the ins and outs of successfully selling products on Amazon, we said yes!

Our first Amazon product is a delicious whole bean organic coffee.

Here’s where you come in.. We want to get our coffee product to the first page of the Amazon website so people who are searching for a coffee product will see our coffee and hopefully buy it.

How do we move up? Amazon looks at the number of sales we make and based on those sales, we can move to a higher page – we started out on page 18.

The catch? The sales have to come from different people, and that’s where we are asking for your help. Our coffee sells for $18.99 per bag, but you can use a 50% off code and buy it at half price. Call the school office at 296-0883 to ask for the code.

Once you buy coffee, please give us feedback as that tells Amazon how fast you received the coffee and/or how good our service is. If you like the coffee, please write a review.

Sales + great feedback + excellent reviews = even higher page rank  That equals more sales! More sales mean more dollars for computers for our COWS. On that note, did we tell you sample computer units are arriving this week? They are!

To help us get our coffee to the first page of Amazon, here?’s the link to buy one or two bags of delicious coffee: Just call the school office to ask for the 50% off code.

Please email Cindy Kappler at to let her know if you purchase coffee so we can track our sales. If you are going to purchase and can do so in the next few days, that will help us a lot!

Thank you for joining us in this exciting endeavor. It’s so easy — your $9.50 purchase could be the beginning of something really big…like many COWS at TCDS.