Have You Seen Our New Document Cameras?

Thank you SPA!  Over the last several weeks, document cameras have been distributed to our teachers thanks to a generous donation from our Student Parent Association.

As you can see, we LOVE our document cameras.

Remember the days of transparencies and overhead projectors?  They are gone at TCDS.

Now we have document cameras that will display on the SmartBoard anything a teacher is doing.


As Ms. Miranda works a math problem at the desk, students can see everything she is doing on the Smart Board.


Students can follow along, step by step.


No more crowding around the desk to try and see what is going on – now everyone can see!

The document cameras can be used to show work, and they can also be used to show ANYTHING that can be recorded.  Teachers can even use them to make recordings of lessons, student presentations and much more. The document camera will display anything that a teacher can think of to show to the students.