Happy Pi Day – Students Celebrate by Investigating Round Objects

Fifth grade teachers, students and parents celebrated National Pi Day Friday – 3/14 – with a delicious lunch made up of round food items.

The classes celebrated Pi – 3.14 – the never-ending number in math by bringing in round items to investigate. Students had a wonderful opportunity to explore and measure the items in order to find their circumference. Then, all items were rounded up, and the classes celebrated with a potluck.

Pi food items included apples, key limes, blueberry pies, cookies, pizza pies and a variety of other edible items. Parents also joined in for the tasty fun.

The fifth grade teachers would like to thank parents for donating the tasty items for the students to enjoy. A special thank you to Chloe M.’s family who donated extra money to ensure other students could order of slice of “pie”.670px-Celebrate-Pi-Day-Step-1