Germs Can Make You Sick!

It’s that time of year when we seem to get one illness here and another one there!

So, with minor ails going around, Ms. Sammy’s prekindergarten class decided to learn how germs  can make you sick.

Ms. Sammy says, “Did you know germs are everywhere?”

To help show the answer to this question, Ms. Sammy’s students are working on an experiment where half of the children touched an apple slice with dirty hands – after touching tables, chairs, doors, rug, shelves, and the floor. The other class washed their hands very well with soap and then touched an apple slice.


Ms. Sammy put the “dirty” apples in one bag and the “clean” apples in another bag and taped them to the classroom window. The class observed the apples each day for a week.

In response to Ms. Sammy’s question – “What do you think will happen to the apples?” – student Nayeli answered, “They’ll get dirty.”

So, which apples seemed to have germs grow on them? The apple slices touched by dirty hands or by clean hands? Ms. Sammy’s class found that the apples touched by dirty hands looked more dirty than those touched by clean hands after the week of observation.