Fourth Grade Students Roping Up Help for Four-Legged Friends

Project Wisdom’s focus this month is on helping Pima Animal Care Center (PACC), and fourth grade students are doing their part to help with the cause.

The students used donated “retired” rope from Rocks and Rope to make leashes for the dogs at PACC to help volunteers walk the four-legged friends. Students cut and measured the ropes and then tied them with bolt snaps in order to make the leashes. The students incorporated math in this project as well as wrote letters to PACC telling those at the center how they dedicated the leashes to someone special or a special pet in their lives.

What a great idea, fourth grade students and teachers!


Aiden, Courtney and Jacob calculate numbers in their leash-making project.


Alana and Daniel work on writing letters to PACC.


Mr. Fisher’s class holds up the leashes they made.