Fourth Grade Cub Scout Takes First Place in Two Pinewood Derby Races


Brady proudly smiles with a trophy after winning first place in two Pinewood Derby Races.

A big congratulations to fourth grade student Brady!

As a Cub Scout, he participated – and won first place – in the Pinewood Derby for the Spanish Trails District Race on March 14. He then competed in the Catalina Council Pinewood Derby Championship on March 17 where he also won first place.

Brady – a student in Ms. Elise’s class – made his Pinewood Derby car out of a block of wood that he carved and added weights to in order to make it weigh five ounces.

Brady was very happy to win.

“All my work paid off, and it was so exciting to even be competing! I can’t believe I won!” said Brady.

We are all proud of you, Brady!


Brady’s Pinewood Derby car, ribbons and trophies