Focus of Detention Turned to Empowering Leadership and Life Skills Class

Detention seems to be no longer detention. Fifth grade teacher Mrs. Maddock is turning after-school detention into a Leadership and Life Skills class!

Mrs. Maddock says that after-school detention is shifting from detention to an empowering Leadership and Life Skills class. Students with infractions including tardies, not getting planners signed,  or possible troubles with demonstrating self-control in the classrooms, will now receive a lesson specific to the infraction.

Here is a great example: A kindergarten student comes in for having three tardies. The student’s mother served the 35-minute time with her from 3:15pm to  3:50pm. Making it a positive and helpful experience, the mother and daughter duo discussed what time they should get out the door, made a colorful clock with the hands on that particular time, and agreed to hang it on the refrigerator as their “daily goal” that they would work on together!

The Leadership and Life Skills classes are held on Thursdays and Fridays from 2:45pm to 3:50pm in Room 108. Mrs. Maddock hopes the classes will help teach students a life skill that will help strengthen their leadership roles that our TCDS family is trying to emphasize this year with “The Leader in Me”!

As seen in the picture below – during classes, students may work on organizing their planners and set a goal to have it signed each evening.