First Graders Engage Five Senses During Nature Experience Field Trip

First grade students recently took a field trip to Aqua Caliente Park to experience nature through each of their senses!

Ms. Kari’s and Ms. Kotel’s classes went to the park on November 17, and Mrs. Fiore’s and Ms. Ginny’s classes visited the park on November 20.

The kids got to taste mesquite flour which was reported to be very sweet, smell wet creosote leaves to learn why the desert rain smells the way it does, hear a Gila Woodpecker call, see and feel animal skin and skull replicas and learned how a saguaro cactus holds water. 

Once back in the classroom, students did a writing assignment in which they wrote thank you notes to the Aqua Caliente Park docents telling them what they learned while they were at the park.

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