Fifth Graders Prepare for Sabino Canyon Hikes with Nature Awareness Presentation

The fifth grade classes prepared for hikes at Sabino Canyon this week with an educational presentation that will help them to be safe, aware and responsible hikers.

Presenters from “Leave No Trace” – a national organization that promotes responsible environmental stewardship –  visited the fifth graders last week. Two of the organization’s trainers,  Joe Reilly and Cindy de Leon Reilly, gave a presentation to raise awareness of human impact on nature when we camp and hike, as well as actions that we take every day. They also discussed how to reduce our impact on nature.

Leave No Trace presenters discussed why it is important to stay on trails; in addition to the possibility of getting lost, straying off of a trail also causes erosion. In addition, students found out why they should not feed wild animals in nature, and they also learned long various natural and man-made objects take to break down in landfills.

Groups of fifth grade students will hike at Sabino Canyon this Tuesday, while the other fifth graders will hike Thursday.


Leave No Trace presenters helped to prepare the fifth graders for their hikes at Sabino Canyon.


Leave No Trace presenters talked to the fifth graders about human impact on nature.