Fifth Graders’ Minds are Ready for Learning with Refreshing Morning Walks

Several of the fifth grade classes are beginning each morning of the school day with a refreshing health walk to get their minds ready for learning. It’s in an effort to help get students and teachers moving in the morning, so they have the energy they need to learn during the busy school day.

Each walk is typically fast-paced laps around the field. Students are committed to getting their minds ready for learning during this time, so they know to stay on track while walking. 

“The younger students are usually on the field. They may try to visit with my students during the walk, but my students take the health walk seriously. They stay focused – speed walking, staying along the perimeter and of course, their friends walking along side of them,” Mrs. Maddock explained. 

The morning walk also gives students an opportunity to chat freely with their friends and classmates before learning takes place.