Fifth Graders Learn About History Through Detailed Historical Fiction Projects

Fifth grade students have been reading historical fiction novels and were given the task to make a scrapbook of historical events from one of the character’s perspective. Students also wrote diary entries from one of the character’s perspective as well as a letter to another character explaining a historical conflict in the novel.

The Common Core essential theme question asked for this project: How does learning about the past make us live more effectively today?

Through this project, students are gaining more knowledge of historical characteristics that may help us better understand how we can be more productive or effective in shaping today’s history.


The theme question students focused on for their project.



Viona Bell presents her scrapbook with great passion through the eyes of her character. She talked about a character that described what it would have been like to be a slave during the 1800’s.



Hunter’s scrapbook about the American Revolution



Here is Christian’s journal from a soldier’s perspective during World War II.

We can tell you learned a lot about history through your detailed scrapbooks. Excellent work, fifth graders!