Fifth Grade Students Write Letters Addressing Topics of Concern to President

Fifth grade students are writing business letters, explaining a global or local topic of concern, that will be sent to President Obama.

Through this assignment, students are working on:                                                                    – persuasive argumentative writing                                                                                              – using resources such as the Internet and magazine articles to gather facts and cite            them in letters                                                                                                                            – strengthening their highest level of knowledge as they analyze a problem                          – collecting evidence to support a position                                                                                      – and creating a possible solution to the problem.

Some topics students chose to write to the president about included: violence in schools and ways to implement more safety; no-kill animal shelters, why we do not have more of them and how can we make sure there are more in each state; border patrol safety; air pollution; and even problems taking place in China.

Letters are almost ready to be sent.

pres 1

Seth and Hunter research their topics.


pres 2

Cherise put a lot of thought into her letter, now ready to go to the White House.


pres 4

Kayley’s topic of concern that she is researching.


pres 3

A student’s letter expressing her topic of concern

What a great assignment that encourages students to write about a topic they are truly concerned about. Excellent work, fifth graders!