Fifth Grade Students Excited to Receive Package from Washington D.C.

Fifth grade students wrote letters to the president, and now, students in Mrs. Maddock’s class are the first to receive a response from the White House.

Ms. Annie’s class also wrote to the president. They are anxiously waiting for a reply.

Students were excited as they opened a package that included pictures, a map of the White House, a letter to the students from President Obama, and an interview with the president.

Students wrote letters last month to the president expressing their own global or local concerns.


Aaron, Gavin and Hunter hold a picture of the president that was included in a package sent to the students in reply to their letters.


Christian, Aubrey and Jon hold pictures of the president’s dogs.


Mrs. Maddock’s class was excited to receive a letter from the president in response to letters they wrote.


The letter that the students received from the White House.