Engaging Lesson on Movement Brings Out Middle School Students’ Creative Sides

Sixth grade students are inventing products and creating commercials for their classmates – all in a creative lesson, planned by Social Studies teacher Mr. Kievit, to learn about movement.

Students are learning about the “Five Themes of Geography” and are studying movement. Movement is the transfer of people, goods and ideas. To increase understanding of the topic, Mr. Kievit instructed students to form small groups to invent a new product to “move”. Students were engaged as they created a short commercial to perform in front of their peers – and wow, do our students have amazing ideas and incredible imaginations!

Invented products ranged from:

*Helpful products such as flying backpacks which help get you to school on time;

* Entertaining products such as a machine which allows you to be a part of your favorite movie and;

* “Wild” and very imaginative products such as a candy ingredient or filling – called “Feelings Filling” – that can alter your mood. For this product, students advertised with quotes including “Which mood will you be in?” and “Beware the angry flavor!”

The invention of products and commercials helped students reinforce the fact that ideas travel from person to person through different forms of communication such as discussion or television. The lesson also reminded students that many of the products that we use daily – such as fruit imported from South America or electronics from Asia – have traveled further than many of us! Of course, students also had fun designing and learning in a very hands-on fashion!

Check out these entertaining pictures of our students presenting their products through commercials in the classroom. Way to go Mr. Kievit and sixth grade students! We are proud of your creative ideas and positive attitudes.




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