Duck, Grace or Teacher…for President?

It’s “election time” in the second grade! 

The second grade classes have been learning all about elections.

They listened to three stories – Duck for President, Grace for President and Teacher for President

Next, the children got in groups and made posters for the “presidential candidates”. The posters were hung up around campus.

Students filled out their own identification cards, and then the grade level held mock elections.  During the election, students checked other classmates in, cast their vote and received an “I Voted” sticker that they were able to color how they liked to.

So, who won for “president”? By the looks of pictures from Mrs. Rodriguez’s class, Duck won in her class….but you can always ask one of the second graders for the results in the other classrooms!

What a wonderful lesson on the election process, second grade teachers and students! Way to go, Champions!