Did You See the Hot Air Balloons Near Campus?

Did You See the Hot Air Balloons Near School?

Our TCDS students were in for quite the surprise one recent morning at school!

Did you and your children see the three beautiful and colorful hot air balloons in the air beside campus last week when arriving for school?

We know that Ms. Adrienne’s second grade Coyotes and Ms. Amber’s prekindergarten Elephants sure did!

Of her students, Ms. Adrienne said, “The students marveled at the colors and how big they appeared.”

Ms. Adrienne said her students were full of both excitement and questions in regards to hot air balloons when they came into their classroom. To encourage their curiosity, during snack time, Ms. Adrienne played videos about how hot air balloons work. Students learned how air molecules heat up and move faster, causing that air to be less dense than the air around it. They discussed how hot air rises not only in regards to the hot air balloon example, but also in our homes. Based on the discussion, heard in the classroom was, “So that’s why basements are always cooler!”

The Coyotes also learned the names for parts of the hot air balloon like the envelope and flap.

The Coyotes guessed that their Reading Buddies – the Elephants – had also seen the hot air balloons, so the older students colored pictures of hot air balloons, labeled them and included facts in an effort to teach their younger friends what they learned during class.

Just as they thought, the Elephants had seen the hot air balloons and had a discussion in their classroom about them as well. They were excited to hear how hot air balloons work from their Reading Buddies!

Did You Know? The first hot air balloon was created in 1783! That’s more than 100 years before the Wright Brothers flew the first airplane!