Creating Cards & Learning About Being Good Citizens with Mr. Nature!

How can we be good citizens?

Our third grade students are learning just that – what a good citizen is and how each of them can participate or volunteer in our community to help others.

“Mr. Nature” came to TCDS to speak with all of our third graders about a great way to be good citizens and help people in our community. Mr. Nature explained about a really kind event he takes part in – and asked kids to help him by creating cards for him to deliver to children who are sick and in our local hospitals. 

The kids were enthusiastic and got right to work creating beautiful and heartfelt cards. 

Mr. Nature left the TCDS campus with more than 65 creative, homemade cards that he will use to help brighten the day for sick children in our community.

What a fun way to offer some loving service!

Thank you, Mr. Nature, for visiting TCDS and sharing your kind, caring and positive attitude with our students – and for showing us a thoughtful way to be good citizens and help others.