“Classroom Cats” Bring UA’s Wilbur and Wilma to TCDS!

Tucson Country Day School was in for a special surprise recently! University of Arizona’s mascots – Wildcats Wilbur and Wilma – along with the UA’s cheer director, were the stars in an all-school assembly!

Culminating this years’ “Classroom Cats” program for Mrs. Culbertson’s kindergarten class which joined the program at the beginning of the school year – the UA’s mascots, along with the cheer director, interacted with the students in preschool through eighth-grade. The UA cheer director spoke on behalf of Wilbur and Wilma, informing the students about the Wildcats’ backgrounds, how they came about and how long they have been at the UA.

Our school was excited and honored to have this up-close opportunity to interact with the University of Arizona mascots and cheer director. Band teacher Mr. Mitchell taught the seventh and eighth-grade band students how to play UA’s “Bear Down, Arizona” song, and they performed it for our special University of Arizona guests during the assembly. Our school’s cheer team got to b e on stage during the assembly – and performed many cheers.

The assembly came about because one of our TCDS parents, Jaime Rodriguez, worked with her child’s kindergarten class to join the UA’s “Classroom Cats” program for the current school year. Earlier in the school year, the class, along with Ms. Getz’s third-grade class (who are Reading Buddies with Mrs. Culbertson’s class), gathered when several UA football players came to TCDS to talk about teamwork with the young students. The same classes took a field trip to the UA for a tour of the Athletics program. It has been a great experience and has had a positive influence on our students involved in “Classroom Cats”.

Thank you to Jaime for coordinating all of this – and for Mrs. Culbertson and her students for sharing this fun experience with the whole school!











If any students are interested in learning about a cheerleading camp through the University of Arizona, please see the flyer below or contact UA Cheer Director Jaime Bernier at jabernier@email.arizona.edu.

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