Meet Your ACE (Gifted) Teacher

Meet Mrs. Terra Maddock

Academic Champion Education (ACE) 1st-8th Grade Teacher

005 Terra Maddock

Terra Maddock is a native to Tucson, Arizona. She has two boys, a husband, three adorable dogs, a fish and a lizard. Terra’s immediate family lives in Tucson, and she is proud to be a Sonoran desert girl! In fact, she is so proud of being a desert girl that she completed all of her education in the good old southwest.

Terra attended the University of Arizona and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Education. After spending 13 years in the classroom, she went on to pursue her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership at Northern Arizona University. She is a lifelong learning and enjoys continuing to better herself as an educator. Terra has been a teacher for 15 years and an educator at Tucson Country Day School for 13 years. Most of her years teaching have been spent in fifth grade, as she is passionate about this age group and feels she influences them to be passionate, creative thinkers who will make a positive difference in the world someday.

When she is not teaching, Terra enjoys spending time with her family and friends and watching sports. University of Arizona basketball is her number one preference, and Boston Red Socks baseball is the runner up. During the summer, Terra and her family spend time at the beach in San Diego. Terra also enjoys reading, exercising and is always up for trying new foods!