Meet Your Student Services Team

Meet Mrs. Diane St. Amand

School Guidance Counselor

Mrs Diane St Amand

  • I don’t have any children of my own, but my husband Jack has four GREAT adult kids. We also have seven grandchildren.
  • Best part about working with students: Helping students solve problems and watching them succeed both socially and academically.
  • My favorite type of music is Classic Rock. I grew up in the 60’s.
  • One of my hobbies: I enjoy doing stained glass projects. I won first place for a Tiffany lamp. My husband won third place for his lamp.
  • Favorite free-time activity as a child: Camping at the lakes or spending the weekends ocean-side in Maine.  It was always a festive time – lobster and clam bakes, boating, fishing, outdoor games, Old Orchard Beach amusement park, lots of friends and family gathered together.
  • If I could meet any person from one point in time, I would like to meet any of my grandparents!  By the time I was born, both sets of grandparents had already passed on.  I would have liked hearing about my family, both sides, from their perspective and of course, spending time with them!
  • I played volleyball in junior high school and took tap and piano lessons as a young child.
  • Any New England state (I’m from Maine) and Coronado, California are my favorite vacation destinations. I am very relaxed and feel “at home” when I am near the water.
  • I have been to seven European countries. I would like to visit Spain, England and Ireland – they are on my bucket list.
  • Unique facts about me: * My “True Color” is gold. * I love sailing. * I have been rear-ended twice. The new car that was rear-ended was not even a year old!


Meet Ms. Debbie Ross

RTI (Response to Intervention)

Ms Debbie Ross

  • I have two children. My daughter Rachel works in aftercare at school. My son is Brandon.
  • Favorite part about teaching students: Their energy and excitement about being at school
  • Favorite subjects in school: English or History
  • I have lived in Tucson for most of my life.
  • Favorite book: The Bible. It serves as an excellent reference, and it never goes out of style.
  • Favorite free-time activity as a child: Reading! I read tons of books and loved series, like the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, as well as the 12 books in the Oz series. Reading took me to another world without chores and real life.
  • If I could eat only one food, I would choose beans. There are so many kinds of beans, and you can fix them all different ways.
  • If I could meet one person from any point in time, I would meet my granddaughter’s daughter, just to see how things turned out and if we, as a family, pay it forward and love and support each other. My family matters most to me, so their choices and history would most interest me.
  • Unique facts about me: * If I could be famous, I would be a famous doctor or scientist that discovered a cure for something.  There are seven kids in my family, and we grew up in three different families but we are still close. * I went to school in six different states.
  • Most rewarding moments in my life thus far: Raising my kids! They are the best thing I have ever  been a part of.

Meet Mrs. Kim Crone

ELL Specialist and Intervention


Kim Crone has been working at Tucson Country Day School for eight years. She is the ELL Specialist and also works with students who may need extra help with their school work. She has a Master’s degree in Language, Reading and Culture, and she has been teaching for 30 years. Kim is also a yoga instructor and has been teaching yoga for 14 years.


Meet Mrs. Sarah McKeown

Community Relations Director


  • I have two children. My son is the most amazing little man, and my daughter is so sweet.
  • Best part about my job position: I love being able to write about all the positive aspects that TCDS  has to offer. The students, staff, events – there are so many attributes that make TCDS a wonderful school. I also enjoy reaching out to the community to help our school in many ways.
  • I am a Tucson native!
  • Favorite books: As a child, my favorite book was Betsy’s Playschool by Carolyn Haywood. I would re-read it every summer for many years. The Bible is inspiring and encouraging. I also like to read any kids’ books with my children.
  • Favorite free-time activity as a child: Playing house and with dolls with my sister, playing with my pets, having friends over to play and reading.
  • Unique facts about me: * I was an extra in a movie that was directed by Jamie Redford, Robert Redford’s son. Ryan Merriman, Dana Delaney and Stanley Tucci were the main stars in the movie. * I taught second grade at TCDS for four years, and I also worked in the Resource department as a paraprofessional one year and as a Resource teacher another year. * I have a large extended family of 24 people!


Meet Mrs. Stacey Love

Food Service Director

Mrs Stacey Love

  • I have two boys. Matt is 26, and Daniel is 18.
  • Favorite part about working at TCDS: The kids, staff and food
  • Favorite movie: Hello Dolly
  • Favorite food and restaurant: Rice Bowl (in my home town) and TJ McGraws in Tucson
  • If I could visit another country, I would visit Southern Italy. I toured Northern Italy and fell in love with the country.
  • Favorite free-time activities as a child: Imaginative play and watching TV. I just loved being alone to be me.
  • I like pretty much any type of music, except Heavy Rock, Punk Rock, etc.
  • As a child, I was a snow-skier and participated in Drama class.
  • If I could meet one person from any point in time, I would meet Michelle Obama. I think she would be a “kick” to cook with.
  • The mountains are my favorite place to go on vacation. I love the smells and the cool weather.
  • Unique facts about me: * I was a ski instructor * I love smoked oysters * While living in Yellowstone National Park, I had to snowmobile 40 miles to have my first son.


Meet Ms. Christine Mayse


062 Christine Bratten

Christine (Chris) has been involved with the library at Tucson Country Day School since it opened in 2011, having volunteered with TCDS’s first librarian Kathy Josephs for three years and then taking her place upon her retirement in 2014. Christine has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and 20th Century History from the University of California at Riverside and an Associate of Arts degree in Business Management from Saddleback College.

A native Southern Californian, Christine moved to Tucson 12 years ago to be closer to her mom and sister. Both of Christine’s children are TCDS alumni, with Rose now a senior at the University of Arizona and Spencer in high school after graduating from TCDS two years ago.

Christine is a huge fan of Star Trek, chocolate, everything on the BBC, cats, squirrels and Harry Potter. She likes to spend her spare time reading of course, tending to her garden, playing video games with her kids and taking care of her pets. Those pets are Sokka, a polydactyl ginger kitty; Bolt, a desert tortoise; and Leonardo DaFinchi, a zebra finch that was rescued from the TCDS campus after a monsoon storm.


Meet Ms. Gennea Gomez

Student Store and Copy Room

023 Gennea Petho-Gomez

  • I have three children. They are boys, and they are 10, 9 and 6.
  • Favorite type of music: I am open to a wide variety of music.
  • Besides the U.S., I would like to visit Hungary. That is where my grandparents are from.
  • I loved being active as a child, but I never stuck to just one sport. I rode motorcycles and raced dragsters. I also played violin for more than six years.
  • Favorite vacation destination: I love to get away and out of the house. I enjoy “stay-cations” during summer and enjoy the mountains and the beach.