Meet Your Second Grade Team

Meet Mrs. Laurie Rodriguez

Laurie Rodriguez has been at Tucson Country Day School teaching second grade since 2008.  She has served on the Expectations Committee since the beginning of 2011. Laurie loves teaching second grade – she learns every day from her students who are like “little sponges” soaking up so much learning as well. Laurie enjoys swimming, reading and cooking.


Meet Ms. Laurie Merenick

Laurie Merenick has been working at Tucson Country Day School since 2014. She began her first two years teaching kindergarten and is now teaching second grade. Laurie had been working in the recreation field for seven years before deciding to change careers to education. She received her teacher certification from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and has now been working in education for five years. In her free time, Laurie enjoys running, playing on an adult kickball league and relaxing be the pool.


Meet Ms. Jacque Clifton

Jacque Clifton loves teaching at Tucson Country Day School because the community is a big family. She has two children. Her son is 26, and her daughter is 24. Jacque has four grandchildren who keep life exciting!

Jacque’s favorite subject in school was writing. Her favorite movie is “Gone with the Wind” because she finds Scarlett O’Hara inspirational. Jacque has lived in Arizona, California and Texas, and she has visited Georgia, Hawaii, Florida, Colorado, New Mexico and Louisiana. Jacque was one of the first babies born in the Northern Cochise Community Hospital, and she grew up on a cattle ranch in Bonita, Arizona. Her “true color” is blue as she is compassionate and caring and can also be sensitive.


Meet Mrs. Deborah Morales