Meet Your Office Staff

 Meet Mrs. Susie Gallardo

Office Manager

Ms Susie Gallardo

  • I have 3 adult children – one daughter and two sons. I have six beautiful grandchildren whose ages range from 11 years old to two years old.
  • Favorite part about working at TCDS: Being part of Richard’s dream – helping him with his goals and dreams.
  • I was born in Nogales, Arizona. I have lived in Tucson for 13 years.
  • Favorite food and restaurant: Italian. I like to eat at Gusto!
  • Favorite vacation destination: The beach; It is very relaxing and soothing.
  • Favorite movie: Something’s Gotta Give
  • My favorite type of music is country although it depends on what I want to listen to. I will always be loyal to it.
  • I would like to visit Europe. My husband is from Europe, and I am very interested in visiting where he grew up.
  • Unique facts about me: * I am one of nine siblings. * I am a Christmas Eve baby. I am terrified of snakes.


Meet Ms. Nicky Brown

Attendance Specialist and Health Clerk

Ms Nicky Brown

  • I have 1 child.
  • Best part about working at TCDS: Singing the Birthday Song and pulling children’s loose teeth out when they ask me to.
  • I was born in Berlin, Germany.
  • Favorite type of music: Disco
  • Favorite free-time activity as a child: Playing marbles with friends because you got to dig in the dirt and everyone could afford marbles. It also was fun to play outside.
  • If I could meet one person from any point in time, I would meet Benjamin Franklin because he was brilliant, and I would like to know more of what went on in his head.
  • Unique facts about me: * I am full-blooded German. I can speak, write and read German. * I love huge roller coaster rides. * I am actually very quiet at home.


Meet Ms. Rachel Robertson

Program Coordinator and Extended Care Director

Ms Rachel Robertson

  • I have 1 daughter..
  • Best part about working at TCDS:  I get to meet every child at school at some point. It’s a school with a family feeling to it.
  • I was born in Yuma, Arizona. I’ve lived in Tucson for 25 years.
  • A hobby of mine: Reading
  • I have lived in two states – Minnesota and Arizona. I have visited eight states – New York, New Jersey, South Carolina, Texas, California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington.
  • My true color for my personality is gold. I am a very organized person. I create a lot of lists for myself and like to cross things off as I get them done. If I’m working on something important, I like to get it done before I’m willing to leave work for the day.
  • My favorite type of music is rock, although I do listen to many different types of music. I enjoy turning the stereo up loud, tuning everything else out and rocking out.
  • When I was younger, I collected Sprogs. They are cute frog figurines that are posed doing something silly. I loved anything frogs at the time.
  • Favorite free-time activity as a child: Fishing on the Colorado River. It was fun family time on the boat and the water. It was so much fun.
  • Unique facts about me: * My favorite ice cream is chocolate peanut butter.  English – Reading and Writing – were my favorite subjects in school. * Jane Eyre is my favorite book to rea