Meet Your Administration Team

Meet Mr. Richard Cooper

President – CEO – Founder of Tucson Country Day School

Richard Cooper opened Tucson Country Day School and Camp Adventure in 1968. He designed and helped build the school’s 10-acre campus. Richard is still very active on the school campus. He enjoys seeing the students achieve both socially and academically as well as the teachers achieve success.

Richard has two adult children, a boy and a girl. His true color for personality is gold as he seems to “always go, go, go all the time!” He enjoys visiting and relaxing in Park City, Utah where he has a condo on Main Street which sits at 7,000 feet.  As a child, his favorite thing to do was to sail his 20-foot sailboat – he loves sailing.

Richard’s creed is taken from Horace Mann, who lived 1796-1859. Mann is a man who changed Richard’s life. Mann was the father of American public education. The creed is, “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.”  



Meet Mrs. Cindy Kappler

Chief Operations Officer

Cindy Kappler has worked at Tucson Country Day School for 12 years, and she has also been a parent volunteer here since 2000. In addition, Cindy worked at Camp Adventure when she was in high school. The best part about her job as Chief Operations Officer is seeing the Champion in every child and working with dedicated, talented, conscientious and caring people who LOVE what they do.

Cindy is married and has five children – 26, 24, 22, 18 and 14. All of her children attended and graduated from TCDS; her youngest just graduated in the 2017/2018 school year. She enjoys taking family vacations to North Coast Village in Oceanside, California for the great weather and the beach. She loves to spend time with her children, and she has written and published a book with her husband titled We’re Pregnant!

As a hobby, Cindy enjoys teaching people how to run an online business. As a child, she enjoyed reading, taking pictures, playing the trumpet in school and playing softball as she loved playing with the team.


Meet Mr. Adrian Hannah


Adrian Hannah is very excited to have the opportunity to work alongside this dedicated staff and to partner with you as Tucson Country Day School continues to create and offer exceptional educational opportunities for your children.  

Adrian decided early on that he wanted to pursue education as a career choice and received a BA in Education and then a Master of Education in Administration. He has now been in the educational profession for 30+ years and spent his earlier teaching career primarily in upper elementary and middle school grades in both Washington State and Texas. Adrian then moved on to being an assistant principal at a middle school in Washington State for five years. He relocated to Tucson and served as an assistant principal at Amphitheater High School and, after one year, became the principal of a local K-8 school where he served for the past 16 years.  Adrian is married, the father of four and the grandfather of seven – all of whom have enriched his life greatly.

Adrian’s belief is that all of his previous experiences – both professional and personal – will contribute to his role as the principal of Tucson Country Day School. Adrian looks forward to meeting each of you and to developing long-term relationships as we partner together to make this school the jewel of Tucson.


Meet Mr. Jordan Krause

Assistant Principal

It is an incredible honor for Jordan Krause to serve as Assistant Principal at Tucson Country Day School alongside its established administrative team. Together, we will facilitate academic and social excellence in every student who calls TCDS home!

Born and raised in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, Jordan received his Bachelor and Master degrees in education from the University of Minnesota. For the past ten years, he has resided in Tucson, serving students in a charter school setting as both a classroom teacher and principal. Through this experience, Jordan has developed a deeply-rooted belief that, when provided the right conditions, all children can achieve success in all areas of their development.

Jordan leads a simple life alongside his beautiful wife, daughter and son, seeking to enjoy the little things that each day brings. Jordan is an avid Green Bay Packers fan and enjoys competition in all forms.