PS & PK: Sharing Our Artwork!

It’s time to share our artwork with our friends!

All of our preschool and prekindergarten students are working on a project that focuses on drawing a character with a setting or background. The young students used crayon and water colors to make a water color resist.  

Preschool and prekindergarten Art teacher Ms. S says the kids will continue studying backgrounds and setting which will help them learn how to design their own background for their end-of-the-year performance.

Below are pictures of Ms. Moriah’s prekindergarten Tiger class and Ms. Martha’s prekindergarten Eagle class, both sharing their artwork with friends.

Stay tuned to discover what our preschool and prekindergarten performance background will be!







Former TCDS Student to Hold Special Dress Down Day Friday for “Kena’s Kits”

This Friday, May 4, we will have a special Dress Down Day!

Liam Johnson, a TCDS alumni, is currently a freshman at Sahuaro High School. His brother Aiden is in eighth grade at TCDS, and his mother Mrs. Johnson is a guest teacher at our school.

As an Eagle Scout, Liam came up with a wonderful project for children who have cancer and are in the hospital – and he approached TCDS administration to see if our school could help with funding this project.

Liam writes…

“My name is Liam Johnson, and I am working on my Eagle Scout Project.   I am making comfort kits for children who are in the hospital fighting cancer. I decided on the name Kena’s Kits, because I followed a little girl’s journey from the day she was diagnosed to the day she passed away.  I have gotten permission from Kena’s family to use her name and images for my project.  My cousin was also diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on the same day as Kena and is currently in remission. 

While following Kena’s and my cousin’s story, I learned a lot about what families go through, and I wanted to do something that makes their life a little easier or their stay feel more like home.

The bags are from ThirtyOne and are extremely durable.  With the funds raised from the Dress Down Day, I will be filling the bags with age appropriate items such as:

Chap stick      Stuff Animals      Lipstick Gum        Window Clings      Soft blankets String to make bracelets       Cozy Socks     Soaps               Hard Candies        Journals         Nail polish       Any age appropriate toys/items –baby to 16 Coloring books          Crossword puzzles       Games – that can be played from bed             Comics          Action figures           Rubik’s cubes           Stress balls                   Model magic            Joke books/Mad Libs             Silly Putty

I have contacted Diamond Children’s Hospital here in Tucson, Arizona, where the bags will be donated.  They are so excited for this project and are looking forward to see how many Kits I can assemble. If you are wanting to help sponsor a bag or fillers, you can make an additional donation at or feel free to share with family and friends.”

Below, from left to right, (top) 1) Liam holds a Kena’s Kits bag, 2) The Kena’s Kits were named after Kena.                                                                                                    (middle) 3) Some of the items which will go into a Kena’s Kits bag, 4) Kena’s Kits bag,                                                                                                                                        (bottom)5) Liam has already been able to purchase several items to put in some Kena’s Kits bags.




Pioneer Dress-Up Day and Westward Expansion Museum Concludes Second Grade “West” Unit

It’s Pioneer Day for second grade students!

All of our second grade kids completed their Westward Expansion unit with a “Pioneer Dress-Up Day” followed by a daytime and evening museum in each of their classrooms for other classes (during the school day) and later, for parents and families, to see and learn about all the amazing projects the students worked on during this unit.

Here are some pictures of the kids with their “families” while heading West.

We asked some of the students – using the names they used in their “Western families – to tell us their favorite parts and what they learned about the Westward Expansion unit. 

“My favorite part was [making] the soap.”  ~ Samuel

“My favorite part was making the covered wagon.”  ~ Charles

“My favorite part was making the temporary shelters.”  ~ Emma

“My favorite part is making the butter.”  ~ Robert

“I can’t have a favorite part. I love everything!”  ~ Delphine

“We learned about three different boats – a keel boat, a flat boat, a steam boat…We learned about three different types of clouds.”  ~ Nellie

“My favorite part was making the rafts.”  ~ Mr. Gus 


Students brought their families in to check out what they learned.

Congratulations to every second grade student, their teachers and families for working so hard and learning so much from “heading West”!

Our 50th Celebration of TCDS & Camp Adventure – in Pictures!

Thank you to everyone who came out for our 50th Anniversary Celebration – we had a great turnout during this Open House, Reunion and STEAM Fair!

It was an absolutely beautiful day to be outside on our school’s 10-acre campus playing with giant volleyballs and slingshots; watching our Band, Choir and Drama Club perform; checking out the fabulous artwork; taking part in multiple arts, science, technology and 50th-related activities; and so much more!

It was amazing to mingle with our current Champions, alumni Champions and guest Champions! Alumni from the FIRST graduating class at TCDS all the way to future young students turned out for the 50th Celebration. Thank you! It was an incredible day for all!

Thank you Ms. Wendy for capturing these great moments on camera.

A Welcome, Scavenger Hunt Opportunity and a Picture Walk Timeline 



Memories with TCDS Founder, CEO and President Mr. Richard Cooper



Capturing pictures and discussing memories with some TCDS Alumni Champions, Current Champions and Guest Champions




Try out the giant slingshot with squishy balls soaked in water!




Onto the boats – Students made them, and now let’s see if they float!



Time Capsule with Mr. Kievit



Let’s Make Oobleck with Ms. Heaton and Mrs. Culbertson!




Photo Booth Fun



Playing a game of Giant Volleyball



It’s time to paint rocks – to take home and for our school’s Legacy Garden!Check out the wide variety of colored rocks!  Mr. Krause headed up this activity.



STEM Demonstrations and great make-and-take activities



We had wonderful Science Fair projects!



Second through eighth grade students have been putting their creative skills on paper and creating amazing art work! Mrs. Phelps and Ms. Paradis worked with volunteers to display artwork in the MPR for an incredible Art Show! 



Several middle school students spent part of their summer and a lot of time this school years constructing this amazing 3-D model of our school! WOW – very impressive!



“Art in the Dark”

Preschool and Prekindergarten teacher Ms. S hosted “Art in the Dark” – a glow in the dark, shadowy and fun STEAM event. Ms. S had a black light and students painted and drew pictures with fluorescent colors. The fluorescent light picks up the UV rays, therefore allowing artwork to glow in the dark!

On the other side of the classroom, kids and adults got to do some hands-on work with the light blox set. The light blox are colored flashlights that show red, green and blue, and they mix to make new colors. 

Next up, attendees had fun at another center playing with shadows and distance. Families got to use lenses that they could bend the light with and change the direction of where to shine the light. 



Orchestra, Band, Choirs and Drama Club took turns performing captivating performances.


Once again, thank you to all of our TCDS students, families, teachers, staff, alumni Champions and guest Champions for making Tucson Country Day School’s 50th Celebration incredible for everyone!