STUDENT FEATURE: We’re Learning About Ancient Mesopotamia Kings in 6th Grade!

Daisha reports from the 6th grade Social Studies program:

This is Daisha reporting from Tucson Country Day School. In Room 907, we have reports of students learning about “Ancient Mesopotamia” and a few of their kings. Let me tell you about them!

The Ancient Mesopotamians invented many things we still use today, like the wheel and written language. Many powerful kings ruled there like Sargon, the first known person to create an empire. Gilgamesh was another king who supposedly lifted mountains but that is most likely just a story (a good way to remember him is by saying “Gilga-myth”). Hammurabi was another powerful king because he unified a bunch of laws…282 of them! He sent scribes around his empire to see what laws each city-state had and put them together. The most famous law is known as “an eye for an eye”. Kubaba was one of the most interesting rulers we learned about: she was the only known female “king”. Her dynasty may have lasted a hundred years (but kings after her tried to erase her from history so we don’t know much about her).

These are some of the things we are learning in Social Studies. If you have any questions, talk to a local 6th grade student today!

*The picture below shows a depiction of one of the kings, Sargon.

TCDS Early Childhood Program Voted “2018 Gold Daisy Award Winner”!

Congratulations to our Tucson Country Day School Early Childhood Program – Preschool and Prekindergarten – for being voted as the “2018 Gold Daisy Award Winner” from Macaroni Kid East Tucson!

We have amazing teachers and students, and we are proud of each of you!

Check out the article here:

TCDS Alumni: Where Are They Now?

TCDS Alumni: Where Are They Now?

A big thank you to Sydney’s mother Adrienne who wrote the following “Where Are They Now?” for her daughter:
Sydney “Syd” went to TCDS from 2nd to 8th grade. She loved every year there and was involved in Choir, Drama, Orchestra, NJHS, ACE, Student Government and many other clubs and groups while she was there!
After TCDS, Sydney went to University High School. Along with the rigorous AP/Honors coursework, Sydney was in Drama all four years and on the Intermediate Dance team for three years. She was in “Hello Dolly” as part of the ensemble her Freshman year (although she did get a call back for a main part!), and she was the Student Director for “Mary Poppins” during her Junior Year, and she even danced as a chimney sweep! Sydney also had many roles in performances in her Drama class, and was a Drama Club officer her Senior year. In Dance, she designed the artwork for their team apparel two years in a row!
Outside of school, Sydney has always been very involved in the community. She volunteered for a local food pantry after school one day a week, served in nursery at church and also helped with younger classes at Live Theatre Workshop – where she also took classes herself in the Junior Players group. Sydney has also performed and taught in Musical Bootcamp at church (a summer youth program), been a part of worship team and served three summers in a row on domestic missions’ trips. The summer of her Senior year, Sydney was even chosen as a student leader! She has also come back to help as a leader in the middle school group at church.
Sydney is currently continuing her education at University of Arizona in the College of Engineering, with a full scholarship! She is even living on campus! Her major will be Biomedical Engineering. She has joined a leadership group called Blue Chips and is part of the Engineering Leadership community at her dorm. She hopes to pursue a career working to improve medical imaging.
The picture of Sydney shows her wearing her Beads of Courage. Sydney was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect and had open heart surgery at 4 years old. Each bead on the strand represents a procedure, doctor’s visit, blood draw, etc. This is one of the main reasons she has chosen the career field she is pursuing.
WOW Sydney – you are one strong young woman. Congratulations on all of your achievements! We are proud of you!

A Theme Park…or Two or More…at TCDS?

A theme park…or two or more…at TCDS?

Middle school math teacher Ms. St. Louis has led an incredible math and engineering project with her eighth grade Algebra students for the last several years that involves the Heart Garden just inside the campus gates.

This year, the students decided on the theme of, well, theme parks in California. The kids measured and plotted out sections of the garden and worked in small groups to create miniature versions of theme parks.

The students created theme park signs first and then got to work on the interior portions. Ms. St. Louis says they’re not finished with the project yet as the eighth graders continue to add to the theme parks daily.

Wow…we are so impressed Ms. St. Louis and eighth grade Algebra students!

8th Grade Algebra students are still adding details to the “theme park” Heart Garden!
They have been planting, and they also designated a great location for the time capsule.
The time capsule will be placed on November 16 during the Academic Showcase from 5:30pm-7:30pm.

TCDS Alumni Aubrey Updates Us…She’s Knitting Beanies for Newborns!

TCDS Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Now a sophomore in high school, TCDS Alumni Aubrey H. was recently featured in her high school’s newspaper – due to her love for knitting and a love for giving back! 

Here’s the article, and you can also click the link below to be taken directly to her high school’s newspaper website.

Congratulations, Aubrey! We are proud of you!

“Aubrey…-Down To the Knitty Gritty”

Written By: Amanda Mourelatos, Associate Editor in Chief of The Paper Cut

Sophomore Aubrey Hubble began knitting beanies for babies in hospitals about 2 years ago for a church project. She found so much enjoyment in it, she continued for community service in Ms. Hughes’ freshman GATE class. Although she isn’t in that class anymore and community service isn’t a requirement, she is still making the cute little hats today because of how much she loves it. She looms (a device used for making fabric by weaving yarn or thread) while watching TV and she makes about 100 hats at a time, then donates them mostly to St. Joseph’s hospital. 

“I’m not donating the hats for fame or attention. I just do it out of the love of my heart,” she said. Aubrey taught herself how to loom from YouTube and has taught a few friends how to loom as well. The first time she donated, she made about 50 hats, but now, she gets about 100 packed up for the babies. One hat, when she’s focused, takes about 20 minutes. At first, she was embarrassed because when the words ‘knit’ or ‘crochet’ come up, one normally thinks of the elderly. “I sometimes think I am the youngest person to loom knit and the only teenager that cares enough to use my talents to benefit others,” she said. Her main reason for knitting the hats for babies is because of her infatuation with newborns. She told me, “I find enjoyment in loom knitting and I like to give back, especially to the babies.”