“Clay Play” with Art Teacher Ms. S

It’s all about “clay play” in preschool and prekindergarten art!
The young students worked with Art teacher Ms. S to practice clay techniques using tools and their imaginations to create a variety of 2D and 3D sculptures. 
The students will continue their clay study this month. Stay tuned to see what the kids’ clay looks like when they get to bring it home!
Take a look at Ms. Martha’s Eagle prekindergarten students in action!

Establishing Relations Beyond the Classroom

Knock, Knock? Who’s there? It’s your teacher!
Several of our teachers are making visits to our TCDS families’ homes in an attempt to build relations outside of the classroom. Mrs. Maddock is piloting the program, and here she is with one of her fifth grade students Ishy and his family at their home.
A big thank you to Ishy and family for welcoming Mrs. Maddock into their home for a fun visit!

Dress Down Day Raises $1,000 for Humane Society

WOW, our Champions sure know how to support the Humane Society!

Fourth grade students Landon and Bree presented a Humane Society representative with a check for $1,000 from our recent Dress Down Day to support the non-profit organization. The money raised will be used for The Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s education programs.

You can check out the Humane Society’s website here: https://hssaz.org/

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Blue Ribbon and Trophy Winners for February 15-21

Congratulations to our Study Island Blue Ribbon and Exact Path Trophy winners for the week of February 15-21!

Many kindergarten through eighth grade students won a Dress Down Day for Tuesday after earning at least three Blue Ribbons on the online educational website Study Island or at least three Trophies on the online educational website Exact Path! Way to go, students!

Blue Ribbon “weeks” run Thursday morning through the following Wednesday evening. The total of all items (blue ribbons and trophies) earned will be calculated toward each classroom or House “Blue Ribbon Button” winner. Tuesdays are Dress Down Days for the winners!

As a reminder, the Study Island website address is: https://www.studyisland.com/login

If your children are in need of a computer to work on Study Island assignments and earn Blue Ribbons (for a free Dress Down Day, buttons, etc.), TCDS’s Technology Lab is open after school three days a week just for that purpose!
 The Technology Lab is open after school every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for Study Island use at the following times:
* 2:50pm-3:20pm for 4th-8th grade students
* 3:20pm-3:50pm for K-3rd grade students
Just sign up in the office with your child/children’s name, teacher and when your child/children will be using the lab. Parents do not need to be in attendance and can pick their children up after the lab session.

The following is a list of students who earned a free Dress Down Day for this week (bold and *= most Blue Ribbons winner and therefore will receive a button):


Ms. Wendy: Cleo K., Jonah O., Nyx, Liam T.

Ms. Sarah: Kayson C., Owen C., Zak M., Austin S., Mila V.

Ms. Dana: Irelynn H., Vivian F., Liam L., Daniel Z.

Ms. Sammy: Gabriella W., Zoe E.



First Grade


Mrs. Crenshaw: Zecariah C.

Mrs. Fiore: William W., Journey R., Matthew T., Aiden U., Mackenzie T.

Mrs. Smith: Sebastian R.

Ms. Kotel: Liam S., Brody A., Caleb H., Inara M.


Second Grade

Ms. Maggie: Coraline D., Caleb D., Evie F., Elijah M., Adalynne T., Levi T.

Ms. Jacque: Jordan R., Jason A., Payton H., Alexander H., Tatum J., Colton K., Celeste M., Marck M., Jonathan N.

Mrs. Rodriguez: Adeana H., Shane C., Stella K., Teagan K., Thomas M., Riley N., Kiley R., Miguel S., Cayden W.

Ms. Laurie: Archer B., Annycia A., Marcus C., Aubrey D., Roger G., Zoe M., Mason N., Madison P., Daniel P.,  Sarrina R., Keira V.


Third Grade

Ms. Rianna: Diego R., Alek P.

Mrs. Hubble: Isaac C., Sofia L.

Ms. Becki: Rebecca V., Reece B., Asher L.

Ms. Shannon: Valerie B., Jalen D.


Fourth Grade

Mrs. Post: Brook K., Annalina A., Gabriel H., Bree J., Fiona M., Sabrina M., Nikolai N., Ava P.

Mrs. Young: Maya F., Clara C., Joshua C., Jaden D., Jordan F., Lluvia G., Ryan G., Genevieve H., Morgan M.,  Solomon M., Kristen N., David S.

Mr. David: Jorge B., Sofia A., Ava H., Eliana L., Lance M., Garrett P.

Ms. Matthews: Aiden G., Eleanor A., Rage A., Vengeance A., Camden C., Ciara C., Sabrina H., Sophia H.,  Jacob J., Austin R., Broden S., Alexis U., Ian W., Faith Y.


Fifth Grade


Mrs. Maddock: Melina C., Brooke B., Jonathan B., Isabella B., Kegan C., Devin C., Ian D., Ishy F., Sutton H., Isaiah M., Amber M., Lealah N., Linda N., Gabriella S., Aurora W., Cade Y.

Mr. Josh: Tyler R., Aubre R., James S., Anya W.

Ms. Acree: Kate S., Alynn G., Gianna N.


Middle School

C House

8th Grade: Nate K., Tanner M., Kaiya V.

7th Grade: Korin M., Marla S.

6th Grade: Alyssa L., Gwen S.


H House

8th Grade: Brennan R.

7th Grade: Dominik P., Christopher B., Ryan Y.

6th Grade: Hessick E., Kyle C., Mariana L.


A House

8th Grade: Ethan W., Nicholas B., Madie E., Jack M., Chris S.

7th Grade: Devin C., Honor A., Dannica G.

6th Grade: Chris D., Hanna G., Isaac S.


M House

8th Grade: Allyjean L., Marissa B., Trent H., Andres I., Sienna S.

7th Grade: Nathan R., Matthew K., Jonathan O., Sarah O.

6th Grade: Kacia N., Braeden B., Brooke C., Audrey F., Alessandra L., Lylyia M., Chandler P., Jayla W.


P House

8th Grade: Taylor R., Ryan G., Wesley W.

7th Grade: Dani Jo H., Nick H., Jeycie K., Jaxon P., Robert S., Brennen W.

6th Grade: Adore A., Isabella C., Ashley H., Rocky H., Naythan M., Alyssa P., Danielle T., Wyatt T., Mikayla W.


S House



8th Grade: Mark W., Rory M., Adriaan V.

7th Grade: Jesamin A., Christian B., Izabella R., Alizae V.

6th Grade: Lucia A., Kayla H., Haley L.

It’s On-Air Reporting for These Eighth Grade Students!

Back in October, eighth grade students Ethan, Zed and Nate submitted articles for Bear Essential, and they were all asked to report and record their stories at KVOA4 studios – to be aired on television.

A few things took place that delayed the on-air stories to be posted on the Bear Essential website, but they are up now! Congratulations, boys – you did a great job!

Take a look here: