Fourth Graders Present Native American Tribes Research Project

Students in all of our fourth grade classes spent quite some time doing in-depth research on Native American tribes of Arizona before Christmas vacation. 

The students wrote 5-paragraph essays on a tribe and also created visual projects. Projects were presented first to their classmates, and then they set up their projects in the MPR and presented to several other classes.

Amazing work, students!


Study Island Blue Ribbon Winners – Week 7 (December 7-13)

The Week 7 Study Island Blue Ribbons go to…

All kindergarten through eighth grade students are asked to participate in this academic contest. We have winners for Week 7 – they were announced at flag ceremonies, and we’re excited to announce them right here as well!

– All students who earn three or more Blue Ribbons in a week are awarded a Dress Down Day for the following week. This is instead of an entire class winning a Dress Down Day thus giving more students who are participating the chance for a Dress Down Day. These students are not posted in this article, however, they are announced during a flag ceremony.
– The top Blue Ribbon winner in each class/crew wins the exclusive Blue Ribbon Button. Top students must earn at least three Blue Ribbons on Study Island in a week to win the button.

Week 7 Winners:

*Each name in bold indicates the student with the most blue ribbons earned in each class, therefore receiving the blue ribbon button. All additional students earned three or more blue ribbons.


Ms. Sarah: Zak M., Geneasa W.

Ms. Dana: Irelynn H., Daniel Z., Triniti F., Marcus H., Liam L. 


Ms. Sammy: Gabriella W., Olivia D., Violet W.


First Grade

Mrs. Crenshaw: Isabella W. 

Mrs. Fiore: Landon K., Abigail B.

Mrs. Smith: Rylan H., Haley B., Brandon F., Eli G., Mira W.


Second Grade

Ms. Maggie: Martin R., Bradley B., Colin C., Caleb D., Nora F., Kayla F., Trevin M., Levi T. 

Ms. Jacque: Violet D., Fallon C., Payton H., Alexander H., Mikayla L., Jacob M., Marck M., Jonathan N., Jordan R.

Mrs. Rodriguez: Adeana H., Jaydon B., Stella K., Teagan K., Thomas M., Devyn P., Kiley R.

Ms. Laurie: Archer B., Jakom A., Aubrey D., John F., Lexi H., Cristiano L., Madison P., Daniel P., Sarrina R., Kiera V.


Third Grade

Ms. Rianna: Alianna G., Alek P., Hannah C., Layla O., Diego R., 

Mrs. Hubble: Isaac C., Tatum L., Lily O., Isaiah S., Ricardo Y., 

Ms. Shannon: Valerie B., Anycia A., Jalen D., Zachary K., Isaiah R., Diego S., Zoe V.


Fourth Grade

Mrs. Post: Gabriel H., Ember K., Khang N. 

Mrs. Young: Logan R. 

Mr. David: Richard G., Lance M., Cierra A., Sofia A., Jesse B., Ava H., Elijah R.

Mr. Crowley: Sophia H., Eleanor A., Austin R., Alexis U., Ian W.



Fifth Grade

Mrs. Maddock: Lealah N. (Lealah earned 82 Blue Ribbons!), Brooke B., Isabella B., Melina C., Devin C., Ishy F., Sutton H., Isaiah M., Amber M., Alexandria M., Brock S., Aurora W. 

Mr. Josh: Tyler R., Mateo B., Rane B., Keegan D., Chase E., Lauren F., Alexis K., Eden M., Juan N., Bella O., Alexia R., James S.


C House

8th Grade: Madeline B., Matthew N., Kaiya V. 

7th Grade: Hailey R., Korin M.

6th Grade: Jacob S., Paul E., Hayden J., Alyssa K.


H House

8th Grade: Alexis H., Connor H., Jyotie S.


A House

8th Grade: Ethan W., Nicholas B., Aurora D., Madi E., Martin L., Jack M., Ella S., Chris S., Deja V.

7th Grade: Ethan M., Ava G., Dannica G.

6th Grade: Hannah J., Madi C., Emma E., Adelle K., Tyler P., Nathan R., Milanni W.


M House

8th Grade: Zachary T., Marissa B., Madison F., Kadin H., Anthony H., Trent H., Andres I., Kyle M.

7th Grade: Brady T., Katherine H., Matthew K., Sarah O.

6th Grade: Breaden B.


P House

8th Grade: Taylor R., Madeline R., Ezekial V.

7th Grade: Nick H., Jeycie K.

6th Grade: Ashley H.


S House

8th Grade: Mark W., Carter E., Rashad H., Rory M., Nathaniel M. 

7th Grade: Jesamin A. 

6th Grade: Kayla H.

Check Out Our Tree-Inspired Artwork!

Preschool and prekindergarten students are learning how to draw trees after reading about trees, tree textures and colors. The kids also compared textures on leaves to the texture on bark.

After learning about trees with Art teacher Ms. S, the students got to create their own ideas for tree colors using oil pastels. The young learners also added watercolor paints to finish their designs.
Here are pictures of creative students from Ms. Paige’s Panda preschool class.

Jim Click Raffle Ticket Sales WAY UP at TCDS = Big Earnings for Our School!

Wow, Tucson Country Day School! You sure have found a great – and easy – way to raise money for clubs, field trips, classroom items and more!

Winners were recently announced for Jim Click’s eighth annual “The Millions for Tucson Raffle” – and while our school’s family, friends, students and staff who participated didn’t win one of the three prizes available, we believe we are all winners with the amount that our school raised from taking part in the raffle!

Between a variety of clubs, grade levels and individuals at TCDS, our school sold 734 raffle tickets – raising more than $18,000 for school-related purposes!  That is amazing! CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to all who sold and bought raffle tickets on behalf of TCDS. This is a huge leap from last year’s raffle ticket sales at school when a total of just 18 tickets were sold by one club.

Among the participants selling raffle tickets here at school, the majority of raffle ticket sales were sold for Team DC – middle school students raising money for a three-day school trip to Washington, D.C. in the spring. Also included are National Junior Honor Society which raised $1,200 for their club; the kindergarten team raised money for field trip transportation; Elementary Spanish teacher Senora Elsa raised funds for the Spanish Department; and Mrs. St. Amand raised funds for classroom items.

According to Jim Click’s “Millions for Tucson” raffle website, “All Greater Tucson-area charities with a 501c3 IRS Letter of Determination” are eligible to participate in the raffle. 394 local charities participated in this year’s Jim Click raffle. In all, $1,031,000 was raised – and each organization keeps 100% of the proceeds they raised! What a wonderful opportunity Jim Click provides with this raffle.

A sneak peek for the 2018 raffle – a 2018 Grand Cherokee is up for grabs!

For more information on the winners of this year’s Jim Click “The Millions for Tucson Raffle”, check out the following link:

What a Dynamic Middle School Art Show!

WOW! Our Champions sure are creative!

Middle school students and their art teachers, Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Paradis, held a Middle School Art Show one evening recently – and it was amazing to see the wonderful artwork our students create.

“I am so proud of all the students. Thank you to families for coming … and sharing your support of the arts. We had a great turn out. So great that I didn’t even get a moment to take photos! Wow!” says Mrs. Phelps.

Comments from parents and teachers include:

“That was amazing! The art department should be very proud of all of the incredible creative pieces that were displayed. The students love this class and the teachers! Outstanding job!”

What an awesome display of work from the young talented artist[s]!”

“Fabulous! Thanks to Kala [Phelps] and Jean [Paradis] for all of their hard work for putting on such a wonderful display of the incredible art work that our middle school student create. It was well attended buy the community. Even the treats were impressive … I’m hooked!”

“My fifth grade students did a walk through in the MPR to view the 6-8 grade art work displayed and WOW! Shout out to the art teachers and their
BEAUTIFUL TCDS art program. The middle school students were so proud to show off their hard work put forth, and, in turn, their enthusiasm got our
fifth graders excited to hold a show of their own.”

It was great! My class really enjoyed it.”

Congratulations to our middle school students for their incredible artwork – and to our wonderful art teachers for all that they do for our students.

Take a look at our Art Department’s Weebly and Facebook page.