Exciting Attractions Coming Soon to the Fairy (aka Heart) Garden!


Exciting adventures are coming soon to the Fairy (aka Heart) Garden!

Every year for the past four years, Middle School Math teacher Ms. St. Louis works with her eighth grade Algebra 1 students on a hands-on, artistic and very involved math lesson – involving this garden. Students decide on a theme each year and plot sections for their work.

It’s under construction now, but based on what’s going on in the classroom, can you guess this year’s theme?

Creating Cards & Learning About Being Good Citizens with Mr. Nature!

How can we be good citizens?

Our third grade students are learning just that – what a good citizen is and how each of them can participate or volunteer in our community to help others.

“Mr. Nature” came to TCDS to speak with all of our third graders about a great way to be good citizens and help people in our community. Mr. Nature explained about a really kind event he takes part in – and asked kids to help him by creating cards for him to deliver to children who are sick and in our local hospitals. 

The kids were enthusiastic and got right to work creating beautiful and heartfelt cards. 

Mr. Nature left the TCDS campus with more than 65 creative, homemade cards that he will use to help brighten the day for sick children in our community.

What a fun way to offer some loving service!

Thank you, Mr. Nature, for visiting TCDS and sharing your kind, caring and positive attitude with our students – and for showing us a thoughtful way to be good citizens and help others.

Mixing Colors, Emerged in Daily 5, Making Books and Fun Play with our Early Education Students!

School is fun – and our Early Education students (preschool, prekindergarten and kindergarten) show us just that in the following pictures as they’re fully engaged in their learning!

In preschool and prekindergarten, our young students are using their five senses as they explore color mixing with primary colors, water colors and cornstarch.

Early Education Art Teacher Ms. S talks to some young students during the art lesson. 


Kindergarten gets to create at with Ms. S as well. Kindergarten art is about the process!

Ms. Sarah’s kindergarten Junglecats class is fully engaged in their Daily 5 lessons.

In Ms. Wendy’s kindergarten class, the Cheetahs are creating their favorite books.

It’s time for outdoor play with the Hummingbirds preschool class!


“We Love Learning!”

Wow! Our students have been busy – engaged in multiple, wonderful lessons!

Ms. Paige’s “Pandas” kindergarten class is busy exploring their bodies and TCDS school community!

The kindergarten students are also building their Daily 5 stamina.

Check out this creative math exploration going on in kindergarten!

In prekindergarten, Ms. Jordan’s “Butterflies” are also learning about themselves…

…as are  Ms. Moriah’s “Tigers”!

Here, prekindergarten kids get to check out their own writing practice.