STUDENT FEATURE: We’re Learning About Ancient Mesopotamia Kings in 6th Grade!

Daisha reports from the 6th grade Social Studies program:

This is Daisha reporting from Tucson Country Day School. In Room 907, we have reports of students learning about “Ancient Mesopotamia” and a few of their kings. Let me tell you about them!

The Ancient Mesopotamians invented many things we still use today, like the wheel and written language. Many powerful kings ruled there like Sargon, the first known person to create an empire. Gilgamesh was another king who supposedly lifted mountains but that is most likely just a story (a good way to remember him is by saying “Gilga-myth”). Hammurabi was another powerful king because he unified a bunch of laws…282 of them! He sent scribes around his empire to see what laws each city-state had and put them together. The most famous law is known as “an eye for an eye”. Kubaba was one of the most interesting rulers we learned about: she was the only known female “king”. Her dynasty may have lasted a hundred years (but kings after her tried to erase her from history so we don’t know much about her).

These are some of the things we are learning in Social Studies. If you have any questions, talk to a local 6th grade student today!

*The picture below shows a depiction of one of the kings, Sargon.

TCDS Early Childhood Program Voted “2018 Gold Daisy Award Winner”!

Congratulations to our Tucson Country Day School Early Childhood Program – Preschool and Prekindergarten – for being voted as the “2018 Gold Daisy Award Winner” from Macaroni Kid East Tucson!

We have amazing teachers and students, and we are proud of each of you!

Check out the article here:

A Theme Park…or Two or More…at TCDS?

A theme park…or two or more…at TCDS?

Middle school math teacher Ms. St. Louis has led an incredible math and engineering project with her eighth grade Algebra students for the last several years that involves the Heart Garden just inside the campus gates.

This year, the students decided on the theme of, well, theme parks in California. The kids measured and plotted out sections of the garden and worked in small groups to create miniature versions of theme parks.

The students created theme park signs first and then got to work on the interior portions. Ms. St. Louis says they’re not finished with the project yet as the eighth graders continue to add to the theme parks daily.

Wow…we are so impressed Ms. St. Louis and eighth grade Algebra students!

8th Grade Algebra students are still adding details to the “theme park” Heart Garden!
They have been planting, and they also designated a great location for the time capsule.
The time capsule will be placed on November 16 during the Academic Showcase from 5:30pm-7:30pm.

Using Our Fingers as Art Tools!

We’re using our fingers as art tools!

Preschool and Prekindergarten got creative in art class with Ms. S as they finger painted with skin color Tempra paints.
The young students felt the texture of the paint on their fingers as they mixed colors and created designs. 
Pictured are child’s from Ms. Anna Jo’s prekindergarten Lions class and Ms. Lilli’s prekindergarten Flamingos class.

Exciting Attractions Coming Soon to the Fairy (aka Heart) Garden!


Exciting adventures are coming soon to the Fairy (aka Heart) Garden!

Every year for the past four years, Middle School Math teacher Ms. St. Louis works with her eighth grade Algebra 1 students on a hands-on, artistic and very involved math lesson – involving this garden. Students decide on a theme each year and plot sections for their work.

It’s under construction now, but based on what’s going on in the classroom, can you guess this year’s theme?