Career Day Gives Second Grade Students a Close Look at Science-Related Careers

Second grade students learned about some great professions in the science field recently when the teachers held a Career Day and students invited their parents to share about their science-related jobs.

Second grade student Jordan brought his dad, who is a Sergeant, to show a model plane and explain how it was related to the science field.

career day

James asked his dad to come to the second grade’s Career Day. James’s dad is also a Sergeant. He showed the students computer cords and also explained how his career involves science.

career day 3

Nicoletti and Gianna showed students how to make pill capsules from their family’s pharmacy.

career day 23

Hadley’s grandfather Jim spoke to the students about mining and rocks.

career day 1

Jorge and Nester spoke about engineering and talked about how a model rocket is used to design real rockets.


After the students learned about these interesting careers, they wrote a summary in their science journals describing what they learned.

Thank you to all the students, parents and grandparents who helped make this science Career Day so successful!