Can You Help Bring Our School’s Coffee Up the Ranks on Amazon?

On Saturday, we started our official coffee launch on Amazon.  Our goal is to sell at least 300 bags of the school’s Good Coffee for a Good Cause coffee over the next seven days.
We are hoping every family at TCDS can help us climb up the ranks on Amazon by purchasing one or more bags of our Good Coffee for a Good Cause and/or sharing the link below to purchase the school’s coffee with everyone you can.  Please share the link by email. on Facebook, on Twitter — any place you can.
The link below will give you a 37% discount on a bag of coffee.  Each purchase moves us higher in Amazon’s ranking system.  Our goal is to get to the first page of Amazon so people who want to buy coffee will see our product.  When that happens — we will have plenty of money to buy Chromebooks – that’s what our coffee money is used for!  Ask your child what he or she thinks about using a Chromebook!
Please use this link: to get your promo code. (If you click on the link and it does not take you to a page that looks like Amazon, please copy and paste the link or type it directly into your browser to get to the correct page.)  You should be taken to a page that has directions for getting the code and a link to our coffee on Amazon.  When you go to Amazon, enter the promo code and make your purchase.  It’s as easy as that!

Please share the link with every one you know!
Thank you for your help!