C-House Bracelet Fundraiser Aims to Take Students to UA Leadership Program

Middle school students in C-House are selling handmade bracelets and rings in an effort to raise money to send themselves to a University of Arizona leadership program.

The students have been selling the jewelry – which they made themselves – on several mornings before school starts as well as at the recent Fall Festival.

C-House hopes to raise enough money to participate in the UA’s Challenge Program – a leadership program that helps students build on leadership skills, communication skills, and teaming with their peers.

To get there, the program costs $48 per person and C-House has 32 students, so the students thought of making and selling loom bracelets to raise funds.

The C-House leaders are our school’s Guidance Counselor Mrs. St. Amand, middle school Math teacher Ms. St. Louis and middle school Music teacher Mr. Mitchell. Mrs. St. Amand says that the C-House has done very well and has raised close to $500 so far.

Students make the bracelets during crew, house, and at home.  Students volunteer to sell in the morning in front of school as well as during school sports games.

Selling bracelets will continue till the end of this quarter.

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An additional upcoming fundraiser to help send C-House to the UA Challenge Program will be held on November 4th  – the students are having a pizza fundraiser during Middle School lunch.  Both students and staff can participate.

Mrs. St. Amand says, “We are also counting on tax credit to help get us to the UA.  Donations have been made, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!  Our target date for participation is sometime in January…we haven’t picked an exact date yet.”

Keep up the great work, C-House!

Below is additional information about the UA Challenge Program.