Brown-Bag Pets Come to Life in Mrs. Rodriguez’s Class

Mrs. Rodriguez’s second grade students have been working on a fun and exciting project – both in class and at home.

Each student was given one lunch-sized brown paper bag. They each also got to choose one of the following items: a pipe cleaner, googly eyes, letters or felt. 

Students were then given five days and asked to create a “pet” at home, using the given materials as well as any “good junk” that they could find around their house. They were allowed to use any item except for food to construct their pets.

The students returned to school with amazing and extremely creative brown-bag pets. It was clear that the children worked hard on their creations, and they were proud of them as well. While each pet was very different, they shared some similarities due to the materials that were given to them in the classroom. 

pictures 104

Mrs. Rodriguez’s class made brown-bag pets with many objects they found at their homes.


pictures 094

Students got very creative with their pet-making project.


pictures 096

Students made a wide variety of pets.


pictures 097

From dogs to birds, students got very creative.


pictures 098

Students created people, animals and other creatures from a brown bag and items around their house.


pictures 100

A student created this cute dog.


pictures 101

Hard work paid off for students’ pet projects.


pictures 102

One of the students’ neat pets


pictures 118

Posing with their elaborate pet projects


pictures 116

Students are excited about the detailed pets they made.


pictures 115

Students made very detailed pets.


pictures 114

Owls and more – students had fun creating their pets.


pictures 112

The pet projects were fun to make!


pictures 111

Students had a wide range of pets.


pictures 110

Students put a lot of thought into their creative pet projects.


pictures 107

Pet projects were fun to make.


pictures 106

A look at some of our pets


pictures 105

There were many different types of pets constructed.

The pet project wasn’t just a creative art project. It was for math too!

Special guest Mrs. Lynn Connelly, Mrs. Rodriguez’s sister, recently retired from teaching in Ohio. Mrs. Connelly visited Tucson and came to our school to teach a lesson to Mrs. Rodriguez’s students on comparing and contrasting their pets.

Students learned what attributes are – features, characteristics or objects closely associated with or belonging to a specific thing. Learning about attributes helps teach how to sort objects. Students tied the definition of attributes to their own pets and their classmates’ pets.

Students were then asked to determine distinguishing characteristics of their pets while being able to compare and contrast them.

During the lesson, students also learned to look for any patterns noticed with the pets. This also ties into math – learning to look for patterns helps with so many math skills.

The students had a wonderful time participating and were very engaged in the entire pet project – from constructing their creative pets to comparing and contrasting them with others classmates’ pets.

Excellent work, second graders!