Broadcast Meteorologist Visits 4th Grade Students


All of the fourth grade students were treated to a presentation by a special guest speaker Friday – KGUN meteorologist April Madison.  April gives the weather reports weekdays during Good Morning Tucson from 5-7 a.m on channel 9.

The presentation was part of a weather unit that fourth grade has been working on. The classes recently focused on hurricanes and tornadoes.

April detailed a day’s work for her in the studio, explained the schooling necessary to become a meteorologist and answered many wonderful questions that the students asked regarding various types of weather in Tucson and throughout the United States, as well as questions about her job.

The students listened attentively and were very knowledgeable about information regarding hurricanes and tornadoes.

tcds 013

April Madison spoke to fourth grade students about weather and what it takes to be a meteorologist.

tcds 018

Students had many questions for April Madison.

tcds 020

April Madison explained different duties of her job as a meteorologist. 

tcds 021

The students listened attentively to April Madison.

tcds 025

The students were really interested in what April Madison was saying.

tcds 032

Students listening to a presentation by April Madison.

tcds 037

A picture of the weather computer where the weather forecast is made.

tcds 043

Students had many interesting questions for April Madison.

tcds 045

Students surprised their guest with an energetic weather rap that discussed various weather instruments.

tcds 047

The students rapped and others added fun movements into the rap.