Books Galore: Second Grade Loves to Read and Research!

From Harry Potter to biographies on inventors, students in Ms. Adrienne’s second grade Coyotes class sure have become quite the readers lately.

Harry Potter Club

Students Valerie and Andrew founded a “Harry Potter Club” recently.

Ms. Adrienne asked the young students to write a proposal suggesting the idea for the club, a meeting time (which turned out to be Fridays during Daily 5) and a purpose for the club. Once Ms. Adrienne approved the club, Valerie and Andrew created a poster and placed it in the classroom window to advertise the club to not only Coyotes but students campus-wide.

Students had listened to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in class, and therefore decided that the club would kick off by discussing the first Harry Potter book and begin an “I Read-You Read” of the second book as a group.

At the first meeting, Valerie was proactive and brought in discussion questions for the first book.

Since the first meeting, club members have elected officers for the club, read Tales of Beetle the Bard (proactively brought in by Andrew), drawn pictures of Harry Potter characters, and have had a lot of enthusiasm for their club.

Ms. Adrienne says that more students in Valerie and Andrew’s class have followed these two young leaders’ examples – proposing a variety of clubs for their class.

Who is…?
Ms. Adrienne’s class is hungry for learning about famous inventors!
Students read a series of biographies from the Who is…? collection in the school’s library recently. They also watched “Animated Hero Classics” about Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell, Marie Curie, Louis Pasteur and Galileo.
Still, the Coyotes were ready to learn about more famous inventors, so they discussed additional scientists that they could learn about. The group decided to research Albert Einstein.
As Ms. Adrienne wrote on her class website, “They [the students] didn’t know much about his accomplishments, but they liked his disheveled, playful demeanor in photographs.”
The Coyotes borrowed the Who is …? biography on Albert Einstein from the library and are beginning to read it.
Dr. Anders provided some extra excitement for the kids when she let the class borrow her copy of On a Beam of Light – a book about Einstein which helps teach in kid-friendly terms how he approached problem-solving.
The students read through the book – and used orange, pink and green sticky notes to record facts, ask questions and make connections to the text.
Then, students answered the question “How does Albert Einstein inspire you?”
After the lesson, students wrote a thank you note to Dr. Anders for sharing her book.