Blue Ribbon Winners – Week 4

And the Week 4 Study Island Blue Ribbons go to…

All kindergarten through eighth grade students are asked to participate in this academic contest. We have Week 4 winners – they were announced at flag ceremonies, and we’re excited to announce them right here as well!

– All students who earn three or more Blue Ribbons in a week are awarded a Dress Down Day for the following week. This is instead of an entire class winning a Dress Down Day thus giving more students who are participating the chance for a Dress Down Day. These students are not posted in this article, however, they are announced during a flag ceremony.
– The top Blue Ribbon winner in each class/crew wins the exclusive Blue Ribbon Button. Top students must earn at least three Blue Ribbons on Study Island in a week to win the button.

Week 4 Winners:


Blue Ribbon Winners: Irelynn (Mrs. Culbertson’s class), Taylor (Ms. Wendy’s class), Ash (Ms. Sammy’s class), Mila (Ms. Sarah’s class)


First Grade

Blue Ribbon Winners: Jaden and Elijah (Ms. Kotel’s class), Maddy (Mrs. Fiore’s class), Isabella (Mrs. Crenshaw’s class), Rylan (Mrs. Smith’s class)


Second Grade

Blue Ribbon Winners: Jayvion (Mrs. Rodriguez’s class), Martin (Ms. Maggie’s class), Archer (Ms. Laurie’s class), Jonathan (Ms. Jacque’s class)


Third Grade

Blue Ribbon Winners: Walter and Jackson (Ms. Rianna’s class), Javier (Mrs. Hubble’s class), Zachary (Ms. Shannon’s class), Alexander (Ms. Becki’s class)


Fourth Grade

Blue Ribbon Winners: Faith (Mr. Crowley’s class), Gabriel (Mrs. Post’s class), Richard (Mr. David’s class)


Fifth Grade

Blue Ribbon Winners: Lealah (Mrs. Maddock’s class), Daisha and Zachary (Ms. Acree’s class)


Middle School Crews

*Middle school students must earn a minimum of three Blue Ribbons on a given week to win a Blue Ribbon button.

C Crew

Blue Ribbon Winners: Alyssa (6th grade), Nate (8th grade)

H Crew

Blue Ribbon Winners: Halina (6th grade), Aeden (7th grade), Jyotie (8th grade)

A Crew

Blue Ribbon Winners: Adelle (6th grade), Alyssa (7th grade), Deja (8th grade)

M Crew

Blue Ribbon Winners: Kacia (6th grade), Katherine (7th grade)

P Crew

Blue Ribbon Winners: Danielle and Mikayla (6th grade)

S Crew

Blue Ribbon Winners: Natalya and Tyler (6th grade), Mark and Nathaniel (8th grade)