Tucson Country Day School Athletics

Showcasing Sportsmanship, Leadership and Athleticism in every sport

At TCDS, we believe that athletics play an important role in supporting academics and whole-student development. We offer six sports across 3 seasons. We are fortunate to have Coaching Staffs for every sport who come with decades of coaching experience across every level of amateur play. All of our teams are highly competitive within the Tucson Independent Athletic League, and in out-of-league exhibition play. Follow us on Facebook!

Flag Football

TCDS Flag Football kicks off our athletic competition seasons in the fall. Flag Football is co-ed. We fill rosters for A & B teams. In the Fall 2015 season, our B-Team was undefeated, and our A-Team competed in the TIAL Championship Game. Our Flag Football program helps to prepare athletes to compete for spots on tackle football teams at the high school level. One of our former Student Athlete of The Year Award Winners, Stephen Miller, is currently the starting quarterback for Briar Cliff University!


Tucson Country Day School provides exceptional coaching in both Boy’s and Girl’s Basketball. We fill A & B Teams for both boys and girls, ensuring cohesive programs. In the Spring 2016 season, our Girl’s A-Team made it to the Conference Semi-Final and our Boy’s A-Team won the League Championship, earning an unprecedented 16-0 record on the season. Former TCDS basketball players have gone on to earn starting roles on high school Varsity squads around Tucson.


TCDS Softball plays in the Winter sports season. We fill one team roster, and we play all of our home games at Udall Park. In the Winter 2015-2016 season, TCDS won our second League Championship! TCDS Softball players have gone on to play on varsity high school programs and beyond. Today, two former TCDS Champion Softball Players are on rosters at Embry-Riddle University and Scottsdale Community College!


The TCDS Girl’s Volleyball teams play during the fall season. We fill rosters for both A & B Teams and providing complete coaching for all skill levels. In the Fall of 2015, our A-Team competed in the League Semi-Final Game. Visit our Volleyball Page!


The TCDS Athletic Teams could not be as successful as they are without the constant support of our Cheerleaders who keep our momentum going and fire up our fans, known as the “Champion Zoo.”


TCDS Soccer begins in the Winter sports season, and fills co-ed rosters for both A & B teams. Our soccer programs are consistently competitive in a very competitive soccer league. The TCDS Soccer Coaching Staff holds training sessions even in the off-season to improve foot-work and endurance for soccer players who play other sports as well. In 2015, TCDS won the TIAL Championship, and in 2016 TCDS competed in the League Semi-Final.

Developing The Leader In Me:

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective

Student- Athletes

Tucson Country Day School is proud to be part of The Leader In Me. On any campus, a student-athlete is naturally looked upon as a Leader, and it is critical that they understand and embrace their position as a role-model. To emphasize this, 0ur Athletic Program has collectively developed a TCDS specific approach to the 7 Habits. All Coaches, Athletes and Parents should refer to this list often before tryouts and during sports seasons.

  1. Be Proactive- You’re in charge! Each of our athletics programs has an individually developed coaching philosophy and mission statement. We outline season goals for our Coaches, our Players as individuals, our Teams collectively, and our Parents, too.
  2. Begin With The End In Mind- Have a plan. Even before tryouts begin, we have developed goals for the season. Each day, we begin practice with intention, fluidly integrating skills for that day, which build upon the skills for the week, the month, the season, and beyond. Our goal is to prepare athletes for the next level of competition while teaching them to succeed in this one.
  3. Put First Things First- Work First, Then Play. A Student-Athlete is a student first, a citizen of the world second, and then an athlete. All student-athletes are looked to for exhibition of leadership qualities within their school community, and their character must come before their athletic abilities.
  4. Think Win-Win– Everyone can win. Winning doesn’t always mean victory on the field or court, nor is it the measure of success. Winning never means that everybody gets their way. As it applies to sports, this habit means that showing up, being attentive, accountable and ready to work as an individual athlete benefits our whole team, and our opponents. Performing at our best brings out the best in others.
  5. Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood– Listen before you talk. At TCDS, we pride ourselves on the closeness of our community. Teammates become family, and those relationships go far beyond a student’s time at TCDS. Through sports, student-athletes learn to hone their empathy and practice consideration of others before oneself. This is truly the learning component of the 7 Habits, and ties in with all the others. By practicing and perfecting this habit, student-athletes get the most out of the training they receive, and they exhibit respect towards themselves and others. For coaches, this means that we look to understand what drives our athletes, which influences in their lives impact them most, and how to anticipate their needs even when they can’t fully communicate them.
  6. Synergize– Together is better. Communication is key to synergy, and the continual modeling of a “team as family” mentality leads to great success on and off the field. This means putting aside the individual ego and focusing on how each of our strengths work together for something greater. Teammates do not compete against one another, because true leaders work together to build the leader in each of us.
  7. Sharpen The Saw- Balance is best. Student-athletes cannot perform at their best without proper self-care. Eating well, hydrating, getting good sleep, staying active and flexible and remembering to play and experience joy are crucial to whole-life balance. We believe each of our student-athletes is old enough and mature enough to take responsibility for the day-to-day care associated with remaining healthy. Our coaches empower athletes to be complete people, and to make good and healthy lifestyle choices. Without balance, a student-athlete cannot be a leader on and off the field.