ARRRR…What an Exciting Way to Encourage Speech Homework!

Students in kindergarten through eighth grade who receive Speech and Language services will soon be treated to an exciting homework assignment!


“Arr You Ready to Practice?” is a speech and language reinforcement game that Speech Language Pathologist Ms. Heidi and Speech Language Pathologist Assistant Ms. Vickie use to encourage students to practice their skills as home.

Ms. Vickie says, “Like playing an instrument or a sport, speech and language skills need practice and carryover outside our room.”

Students are asked to practice the speech and language skills they are learning for 10 minutes a day – three times a week – at home. If they complete the homework tasks, students get to roll the dice and move around a pirate treasure map – like a big game board – on a wall in one of the speech rooms.

Additional incentives to encourage continued practice at home – reach 50 on the treasure map to trade your game piece in for a pirate ship; reach 75 to pick a reward such as lunch with Ms. Heidi or special seating in Ms. Vickie’s chair; and reach 100 to hit pirate gold!