Algebra Skills Help Students Beautify and Create on Campus

Eighth grade students in Ms. St. Louis’s Algebra 1 class are implementing math skills in the Barbara Cooper Memorial Garden – and within it are creating a whimsical “Fairy Garden.”

The 21 students began this project after one of our TCDS parents, Mrs. Moreno, had done a beautiful job creating wonderful scenes in the heart-shaped planter. Seeing her work gave Ms. St. Louis a great idea for a math project.

Students are working in small groups using surface area, volume, area, perimeter, ratio, proportion, engineering, landscaping, and art to create the inviting and eco-friendly garden.

Each group was asked to design and complete a cost analysis for their section of the garden. The structures and water features are being added as groups finish their area of the garden.

Next, the students will plant succulents and finish the garden by adding toy fairies and dragons. In addition, one section has a farm theme where Ms. St. Louis’s students will add miniature toy farm animals soon.

A huge thank you to TCDS monitor Mrs. B who donated tile and rocks for the pathway connecting all sections of the garden.

Ms. St. Louis says she and her Algebra 1 students are accepting donations and raising money through bake sales at home soccer games. They are in need of plants and accessories for the garden. Any donations can be brought to room 904 or put in Ms. St. Louis’s mail box in the school office. Thank you!

The eighth grade students began this project this past quarter and will continue their work into the third quarter.

Please stop by and check out the growing and exciting garden!