Administration, Teachers and Staff

Our Administration,
Teachers and Staff

Our highly-qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic team has made TCDS a leader among Arizona charter schools.

Each staff member is meticulously screened and interviewed to ensure their talents, skills, experience and commitment are at the highest of levels. Below you will find a quick synopsis for many of our school leaders.  Combined, our administrative team has over 134 years of experience in the field of education.  Resumes for all of our administrators and teachers are available for parent review.  Just stop by the school office.

Not sure who runs a specific program?  Or who is in charge of a specific area?  See the  Tucson Country Day School Organizational Chart.

Our Administrative Team

While each of our administrators have their own specialty areas to focus on, they work as a team to ensure Tucson Country Day School delivers an outstanding education for every student in an environment that is safe, promotes academic and social excellence, and is free from bullying and other disruptive behaviors.

President, CEO and Founder: Mr. Richard Cooper, M. ED.

Mr. Cooper has a Bachelors in Elementary Education and a Masters in Education Administration.  He is a former teacher and has more than 57 years of educational experience.  He was recently awarded the Arizona Charter Association’s coveted Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Education.  Mr. Cooper is only the second person to receive the award since the charter school movement started in Arizona in 1996.

Chief Operations Officer: Mrs. Cindy Kappler, M.S.

Mrs. Kappler has a Bachelors in Elementary Education and a Masters in Politics and Public Policy.  She has 13 years of experience in the field of education, including nine years in school administration.  She has additional administrative/management experience as the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Arizona House of Representatives and the Deputy Director of the Arizona Department of Revenue.  Mrs. Kappler is responsible for overseeing all operations of our school, and for working with and assisting teachers, staff, parents and students.

Principal: Mr. Adrian Hannah

Mr. Hannah decided early on that he wanted to pursue education as a career choice and received a BA in Education and then a Master of Education in Administration. He has now been in the educational profession for 30+ years and spent his earlier teaching career primarily in upper elementary and middle school grades in both Washington State and Texas. Mr. Hannah then moved on to being an assistant principal at a middle school in Washington State for five years. He relocated to Tucson and served as an assistant principal at Amphitheater High School and, after one year, became the principal of a local K-8 school where he served for the past 16 years.

Mr. Hannah’s belief is that all of his previous experiences – both professional and personal – will contribute to his role as the principal of Tucson Country Day School.

Assistant Principal: Mr. Jordan Krause

Born and raised in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, Mr. Krause received his Bachelor and Master degrees in Education from the University of Minnesota. For the past ten years, he has resided in Tucson, serving students in a charter school setting as both a classroom teacher and principal. Through this experience, Mr. Krause has developed a deeply-rooted belief that, when provided the right conditions, all children can achieve success in all areas of their development.

School Guidance Counselor: Mrs. Diane St. Amand, M. Ed.

Mrs. St. Amand has a bachelors degree in education and received her Masters degree in Educational Guidance Counseling in 2000. She taught middle school science and math for five years, and then moved into the counseling arena. She has been a school guidance counselor for the last 16 years. Mrs. St. Amand is responsible for working with students to remove barriers they face that negatively impact their learning. She works closely with the Expectations Team to ensure that our school community is friendly, family-oriented, welcoming and bully-free.


Our Program Directors

Early Childhood Director: Ms. Wanda Vinson

Ms. Wanda has 11 years of experience managing and teaching preschool/preK programs following the Reggio Emilia philosophy. She is certified in child development with over 20 years of direct teaching experience.  Ms. Wanda runs an early childhood program that is second to none.  Students in the program get an early start on their manners, respect and academics.  Many are reading by the end of their pre-kindergarten year.

Exceptional Education Program Director: Mrs. Kelly Grusendorf, M. Ed.

Ms. Grusendorf has a Bachelors in Special Education and Rehabilitation and a Masters in Elementary Education.  She is certified in Special Education (Cross Categorical, K-12) and Elementary Education K-8.  She has 11 years of experience in the field of education and has served as the Director of our Exceptional Education program since 2005.  Under Ms. Grusendorf’s leadership, our Resource Department has been recognized as being 100% compliant with special education rules and regulations for the last five years.  She is responsible for introducing the eagerly-awaited Resource Recognition assembly that occurs each spring.

Athletic Director: Mr. Tim Hall

Mr. Hall a Bachelor of Arts in Education in History with a minor in Athletic Coaching from the University of Arizona. He has been teaching elementary physical education at Tucson Country Day School since the 2004-2005 school year. Mr. Hall has been the head coach of the middle school girls’ basketball team since its founding in 2006, the head coach of the middle school flag football team since 2009, and the middle school softball coach since its founding in 2009.


Our Office Staff

Quick with a smile or word of encouragement, our office staff ensures continuity throughout the years. Our staff is not only very good at their administrative work, but they make a point to be there for our children as well. Whether it is a special birthday song, first aid for a skinned knee, a sympathetic ear or just helping students work through the inevitable ups and downs that come with growing up – students know our staff is there for them year after year.

Office Manager: Ms. Susie Gallardo

Attendance Specialist/Health Clerk: Ms. Nicky Brown

Program Coordinator: Ms. Rachel Robertson



TCDS prides itself on our excellent teachers!

All of our K-8 teachers are “Highly Qualified” – this Federal “No Child Left Behind” measurement means they have a bachelor’s degree, and full state certification and/or demonstrate subject matter competency in the academic subject they are assigned to teach.

Fourteen of our K-8 teachers have a Masters degree.

Many of our teachers know additional languages other than English including Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, and American Sign Language (ASL).

Check out the school E-Planner to learn more about what’s going on in each classroom and to email any of our teachers.  Learn more about our academic program by clicking on the Academics Program link.